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  1. just want to say thank you don, my second year running amsoil in auger and i am really impressed.
  2. so your saying i got lucky and it will only cost me 100 or less?
  3. truck started this morning,if it starts after work going to a shop then,going to buy a new pump at dealer, what do i expect to pay?
  4. if gauge is reading correct shows around 54 psi while pump is running,but then drops to 15 psi after pump stops then slowly drops from there,pressure regulator?
  5. 1997 chev 5.0 liter truck, was starting hard before, now wont start, i hear fuel pump running.i have access to a fuel pressure gauge,what tests can i do to determine if fuel pump or fuel pressure regulater. im assuming it is either pump or regulater.
  6. yes original battery,31000 miles on envoy. doesnt show signs of a weak battery?havent load tested though.
  7. when driving at night, lights seem to flicker,anyone heard of this? any recall or tech bulletin,any fix?
  8. noticed other day,while key in off position,i noticed that ever once in awhile fuel pump would run for a short period of time,i have had problems with battery going low if it sits for a week or so,i would imagine if i were to have a gas leak it would pump till empty, then keep pumping till fuel pump burns out,no one has tampered with any wireing either.what can i do? doesnt make sense to me that pump would run with key out or off.anyone have knowledge on this machine?
  9. left trestle inn little after 2 probably met you on the trail though,2 sleds 1 red indy 500 efi and 1 indy 500 black, trail back was little rough,
  10. from parking lot off hwy 2 round trip to trsstle inn 130 miles
  11. how far of a ride from two harbors park lot to trestle inn?
  12. anyone ever had problems with throttle safty switch?
  13. this machine sometimes on takeoff is really doggy,was wondering if needs injectors cleaned? what is a good injector cleaner ,or was thinking maybe a temp sensor bad, giving it a wrong mixture from brain box?any way to test sensor? also maybe a throatle safty switch malfunctioning,how can i bypass that?
  14. fyi, did buy maf cleaner and cleared up the problem.
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