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  1. Shallow eyes can be spooked easily, run a tipup with a large bait (shiners,creek chubs or double minnows on a plain hook) they may not be feeding during the day. This sounds like a perfect scenario to set up early morning or evening and fish into the night. If your fishing during the night leave all the lights off and keep the noise level to a minimal. If your seeing them sightfishing you have the first part of fishing them down. (location) Good Luck
  2. I have the same problem, to much weight in the back and nothing up front so everytime the wind picks up it swings the bow on me and I end up doing a zig zag trolling pattern. So here's whats worked best for me on those windy days, i run the sock underneath the bow to help keep more of the bow in the water, I also run the kicker as I like the quietness and fuel economy, however the one thing that really helps is to lock the big motor in gear and then turn it as if you were steering with it into the wind, seems to work great for me. Of course this will only work if your controlling your kicker without the steering rod connected.
  3. Bigeye30"

    Gas Prices?

    If you can contract it out for a decent price I'd fill it up before summer. Oil prices have been dropping so the refineries or opec decrease production, less profit in production thus supply decreases, prices stay low for awhile so demand goes up, which in turn will lead to price increases, eventually prices will hit a point again where where supply will have increased enough, higher profit margins, and demand hopefully dropped enough thus leading to a surplus in supply which will drive prices down again. It's really simple economics. Oil is probably a great buy at 36 bucks, but the real question is when to dump it, and when you do where do you move the money without getting hit elsewhere. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I run a 787 and will say that overall I love the unit, color is the only way to go though, it appears that the 767 is a non color model, If i were you I'd wait and save up the extra couple hundred and get the color or wait and find a used color unit online somewhere. It's a little early for people to start selling them but by April there should be a few around. Dislikes: You can only use the Navionics chips with Humminbird. Humminbird uses manufactured set pricing, so it's tough to find a deal on them, but if you look around you might find a discount here and there and use it to get a price match. Likes: I love the quick connect mount system that humminbird has, simply snap it in and push power, shut it off and unsnap the unit to take with you, no wires to plug in or take off. Humminbird is locally serviced in Mankato Mn, should a problem arise service is not to far away. Im not a fan of internal gps antennas so I'd purchase the external puck if it's not already included. Most of them come with the full package, mounting kits etc just make sure you clarify when you purchase. The rest of the features that are on the units are going to be pretty much the same as the competition, number of waypoints etc for the average joe fisherman like myself theres more features than I'll ever use.
  5. I don't know if there would ever be a forumn but there are other sites out there that have forums that are more dive specific, it's a tough one as there are probably a few members that dive, but use other sites as their info gathering and trip planning do to the minimal places to dive in MN, just talk with your instructor and get his recommendation i'm sure he knows a few good sites to look into. Have fun with it, it's a completely different world down there and truly an amazing experience. Oh and watch who you talk to about the spear guns, you might find a few enemies that way. I really have no preference but the general census might feel otherwise.
  6. The Brainerd area would be one to consider, the only issue I don't like with the area is the amount of recreation boats making fishing a little tougher in terms of boat traffic, I know you mentioned somewhere besides Mille Lacs but it's usually tough to beat this lake that time of year, call up Paul at Appledorn's they rent out there fishhouses which is a little better than tenting for nearly the same price as a tent site around the area, gives you a little more time on the water not having to pack everything, setup and take down. I do these little weekend trips a few times myself and Appledorns works out perfect for them. Usually leave the South Metro after work Friday putting me up at Mille Lacs around 9, nothing to setup, get up sat and hit the lake for the day, grab a burger at one of the area resorts in the eve and then fish sunday till about 2 and head home. This puts me back home late afternoon or early evening with enough time to put the boat back and allowed a solid day and a half on the water. Cost is relatively low and relaxation was high. Just what works for me.
  7. if your sitting on the edge with any weeds in shallower I'd be setting up one of those tipups ultra shallow. 5-8 fow with the bait holding about 6-12" above the weeds. To me it sounds like there coming from the deep to the shallow and feeding and probably returning back deep after feeding. If this is the case I like to look shallower as well, however if the 13 fow is the top of the break then I'd also look at where the sand transitions to either mud or rocks along that same area out deep.
  8. This is always interesting and there are more than one person that buys up domain names. Business is business. Personally for me I found out that it really didn't matter what was at the end of it .com .net .biz etc Once you establish yourself with the search engines and get enough hits to boost your domain up there, after all that's were most of your hits will come from. Here's a little helpfull idea that will get you more hits and put your name on top of google yahoo etc faster as well, buy multiple domains, such as your name .com, something along the lines of your work .com the area in which you live .com etc you can have them all linked to your site and the main domain will mask them out so people would still see your original domain once on the site. This should help bring it up there faster. Once people start using your site not many will ever think about if it was .com or .net they'll google it first and click the link from there. Obviously you'll want to market the name as well, I'd save the 500 bucks and use it for that. Have fun with it
  9. I'll chime in on this as well, if anyone is looking for a quality built custom house this would be the one to look at. Derek is very particular with his projects and maintains everything he owns to perfection. You won't be dissapointed with this house and the craftmanship he put into it.
  10. I'll chime in on this as well, if anyone is looking for a quality built custom house this would be the one to look at. Derek is very particular with his projects and maintains everything he owns to perfection. You won't be dissapointed with this house and the craftmanship he put into it.
  11. My vote is for the flourescent as well, you can usually order them from any place that sells campers. Ask for the twelve volt version, There designed to be run off of twelve volts. I think i paid around 30 bucks as well. I use on double fixture in a 7 x 12 and it's plenty of light. Can usually get about 10 nights of fishing off of one deep cycle with this setup.
  12. Oh great, well if you guys are going to be doing a flasher comparison then I think we'll need to at least get into a little deeper water with shallow water and weeds fairly close to see all the functions of the different flashers, probably near or close to a bottem transition area to check those features out and then to top it off we'll need to have fish below the ice as well, seems like a simple enough equation and do I have a great location if you don't mind catching perch as an example. no size guaranteed on the perch, This area would be on Big Jeff that goes from weeds in 5-10 fow to sand in 15-20 fow to mud in 20-30 fow. and all within about 30 yards of each other. There will be a group of houses out there but that won't matter to us, maybe we can recruit a few newbies with the demo. I'll have some sort of map or details with coordinates or directions at RFO that morning, this will also be the location that we can serve up some some of riverrats chili and see what's been working and what hasn't been working, kinda of a little break maybe midday from the fishing to hopefully learn something and shoot the [PoorWordUsage]. I can't wait for this one. I've always wanted to see the different units side by side out in the real world.
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