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  1. The Cabelas camera got a lot of bad reviews for poor night viewing...only if the people reviewing knew that is the case with the majority of underwater cameras in general, especially Infrared. I had a $300 Aqua Vu Scout shortly after they became popular, and had the exact same problem. It's not the camera per say, it's the lighting type more than anything. Maybe the Manta Camera will show you a slight improvement, but it still won't look like it does during the day.
  2. You do know you own products that are made in China right? It's kind of an old, tired thought process you are exhibiting. On top of that, even if it's manufactured in the US, a lot of the components are from China. Just pointing that out. Aside from that rant, I just bought the 5.5" Cabelas model myself. The Marcum does have that Manta Camera, so if you can swing the money, it'd be the better bet. Aside from the camera, they are essentially the same, aside from the better Cabelas warranty for their model.
  3. Much like everyone else said, moving a few things up to the front can work wonders. I have a transom mount trolling motor, but I "converted" it to a bow mount, and moved the battery up front, and it's been great ever since.
  4. Josh8481

    Tow vehicle

    I have a 99 Ford Explorer with AWD and a 5.0 and it does a great job towing my boat around. It's got room for 5 people, and has a good towing capacity as well. I know it's similar to the Yukon mentioned above, but it's just something I can share from experience. A van would work, but I'd just be concerned about the towing capacity. Whatever you use, just try to make sure it has a tranny cooler, and you should be good to go. Good luck!
  5. Quote: Today I tried spinnerbaits under docks.. just for a change.. but didn't catch a thing.. but I did learn ONE thing... one needs a bow mount electric motor to effectively fish docks.. transom mount motors suck!.. especially in stif winds!... so I end up heading out deeper.. to avoid wind issues.. Boy, I know how that goes with the trolling motor . I'm sure you know this already (and with your nice, fixed-up boat, you probably want to upgrade anyway), but you can put the transom mount up on the bow by using a piece of wood as a spacer and flipping the tiller around 180 degrees on the shaft, at least for the short term. I did this on my boat, and it definitely helped out a ton with fishing the slop and docks. I've also heard that pulling the boat with a bow is more efficient than pushing with a transom, and I can attest to that, it moves along a lot quicker, and is a lot better in rough water. Just thought I'd throw that out there to help you out until you get another trolling motor/boat. Good luck!
  6. Hey Valv, I am very interested in the aquarium. [email protected] I sent you an email as well to hopefully set up a time to look at it/buy it tomorrow.
  7. Another thing, as far as the players being miffed about the firing...they obviously will be given Tice's reputation as a player's coach. He gave them break after break, treated them as friends instead of his players, and never went hard on them when they made a mistake either on the field or off. He wasn't a disciplinarian, so obviously the players would be [PoorWordUsage]ed that the guy who they were buddy-buddy with will be replaced with a more hard-nosed coach.
  8. It was reported during these last 2 weeks that Tice stated that if he were to be fired, he wanted to be informed right away about it, instead of it dragging on into the off-season. If you watched his press conference after the Ravens game, he said that he didn't like the idea of uncertainty going into the last game and the offseason, he wanted to be able to tell the team "it was a pleasure coaching you," or "this is what we need to improve upon as a team." Wilf just gave Tice the respect to tell him up front that he wasn't getting the extension.
  9. Josh8481

    Tice Is Out

    Ah...This is the best Christmas present anyone in MN could've received, aside from fishing gear. The Viking's "Axis of Suckiness" is slowly crumbling. First McCombs leaves, now Tice is fired. All that is left, is for Culpepper to get released or traded, and we'll be a contending team again.
  10. Hey Diablo, it's Josh. I don't know if you are back yet, but I will be coming over tomorrow to hopefully tie up the loose ends and bring it home with me. I'll give you a call around 6:30 and set up a time to meet up with you in the evening. Hope you had a good time on your trip BTW.
  11. Josh8481


    I can tell you first hand how bad that injury can be, I've torn ligaments in my ankle as well, ironically enough. And if his is the tendon, I'd imagine that would be even worse. I've still never healed from it, and rolling my ankle is very easy to do now, it just has no stability. Granted, I didn't have a professional rehab team, but it still sucks for the Twins regardless.
  12. Quote: Like the Avitar Josh. And wow what a big fish!!!!!!!!! Caught on 6lb test Trilene? Maybe? Thanks, I couldn't find any military ones I liked, and I stumbled upon this one(where it was mixed in with about 100 anti-Bush ones), so I had to get it and use it here. Haha, it seems like all the big fish are caught accidentily on either extremely light line, or by a kid with a snoopy pole fishing for sunnies. When will us fishermen realize the simple fact we try too hard with all of our fancy equipment...
  13. That thing is HUGE! Luckily nobody had a run-in with that thing before it was captured.
  14. Josh8481

    X-Rap help?

    A 23" smallie, that's pretty dang impressive. I sure hope you got a replica of that one. It's even more impressive considering the state record of Largemouth in MN is 23.5", and since Largemouths usually run bigger, you darn well might have had a record fish in that smallmouth...
  15. Yeah, exactly. It's fun, and frustrating at the same time, to see some panfish around the camera, then you spin it around and see a pike slowly crawling by eyeing up the fish. Not to mention, it's a great way to see what the fish want you to put down there for them. Flashers work nice for seeing "fish" down there, but the camera is nice to verify your "walleye" isn't really a sucker or other bottom feeder. Does your model have the Spectral Response lighting? The Scout I have only has the infrared, so the night viewing isn't the best, although still fun nonetheless. Kinda funny, my friend and I just started fishing this year, and we've already accumulated a lot of nice equipment, just wish that would all make me a better fisherman as far as techniques and whatnot. I guess that's where practice comes into play though. Good luck with your camera.
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