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  1. Rebeleye

    Vexilar customer service

    A few years ago I purchased one of their Cold Snap parka's. The patch started peeling off the back, so I emailed them. They were honest and said the reason they chose not to stitch them on was because they didn't want to mess up the water resistance. I can live with that. A few days later I received a box from Vex with a few accessories inside, didn't expect anything from them. Thumbs up.
  2. Rebeleye

    Navionics app (Android & iOS)?

    I never realized until now how far off cellular GPS can be. You're right Joe, these apps really are just designed to put you closer to your ideal fishing spot. Thanks
  3. Rebeleye

    Navionics app (Android & iOS)?

    CAMAN, I agree that Navionics can't possibly survey every body of water. However, I don't see how Navionics can say they're offering a solid product if they're using old DNR maps from 60+ years ago. Yes, there is a disclaimer before you use/open the app. I guess my thought is, if Navionics hasn't truly recently surveyed the lake, they shouldn't be providing inaccurate information, and possibly be putting people in harms way.
  4. Rebeleye

    Navionics app (Android & iOS)?

    Thanks all. It sounds like you get what you pay for with these apps. I have an older Garmin Nuvi that I'm having thoughts about pairing up with a Garmin LakeMaster chip. Might do the trick as a poor mans GPS unit.
  5. Rebeleye

    Navionics app (Android & iOS)?

    Got a question for anyone that uses Navionics app on their mobile device. While fishing Mazaska (near Faribault) on Saturday, we noticed that the depths were not matching between our phones and where we were. Often times it was 15+ feet off. I was using a Droid Razr M and my brother in law had an iPhone 4. Both phones were giving the same depths the entire time. So, is it a bad survey job of that particular lake? Or, could it be something else? Note: Both phones were updated with latest OS and the apps were updated as well. Thanks!
  6. Rebeleye

    refurbished Big Buddies

  7. Rebeleye

    Ice Auger Storage Options?

    Just mounted two metal brackets to the garage wall, then wrapped the arms in electrical tape to prevent the metal from scuffing the auger handles.
  8. Rebeleye

    Wax Worm substitute?

    Lots of great ideas/options here. Thanks everybody!
  9. Rebeleye

    Wax Worm substitute?

    Interesting... But, I gotta say, them things give me the heebee jeebeez.
  10. Rebeleye

    Looking at a new "hub" style portable

    Picked up an Eskimo Quick Fish 3 last year. Used it a couple times on Mille Lacs and one of the corners started to tear away from the rod sleeve. Also the bag ripped the first time we tried to put the shack back in the bag. Needless to say I wasn't happy. When all said and done, Ardisam replaced the shack for me, great customer service. One thing I learned is that I'm going to need to be extra patient when setting up and taking down this unit. They're just not the same as a flip over needless to say... Live and learn.
  11. Rebeleye

    Wax Worm substitute?

    Considering the amount of times I've decided to go fishing at last minute, I'm usually stuck with deciding whether I should pick up some wax worms before going out to target gills/perch/crappie. What kind of plastics do you prefer as a substitute for waxies? Also, scented or non-scented? Thanks
  12. Rebeleye

    Big Buddy heater?

    I'd only give the Big Buddy a couple hours on a single 1 pound tank (on Low/Medium). Usually take four tanks for an entire day trip. Running the fan makes a big difference when you're in a portable. My gut tells me I'm going to end up using my sunflower heater again some day.
  13. Rebeleye

    New boots

    Rocky Blizzard Stalkers are on their 4th year now. I spray them before every winter. I know some folks will argue that you shouldn't have to spray your boots if they are "good" boots. Some boots don't need it. Seems to work well with the Blizzard Stalkers however. Dick's had them for $50 a few weeks ago. I had to ask 3 people working at the store if the price was legit.
  14. Rebeleye

    Lake Contour Maps for Smartphones

    hunter322, I've got the 4GB card that it came with. I got rid of a few junk apps before I did the Navionics install. I would recommend getting rid of as many free apps as you can live without, do the install, and see how much memory you got left. Navionics support guy said they would be open to receiving feedback on any phones that are not listed as compatible. best of luck!
  15. Rebeleye

    Lake Contour Maps for Smartphones

    Works on LG Ally (OS 2.1, SW Version VS740ZVC). Navionics warned it may not work. However, they felt it should work with the OS. They were right...... nicely done.