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  1. They are making some in Rice Lake Wi. now. http://www.henryrifles.com/news/henry-repeating-arms-to-manufacture-rifles-in-wisconsin/
  2. If it's Tomahawk Wi. you're right in my back yard. I live in Merrill a few miles south of Tomahawk and do my camping in Minocqua a few miles north. Lots to do in the area and good fishing too.
  3. Thanks Duffman it help a lot and the company is from my home state. I'll buy one of there paddles.
  4. How is paddle length determined for a fishing kayak ?
  5. isolunar is a good app for hunting and fishing major and minor feeding times.
  6. I went through 2 steel trailers and then got a 6' by 10' Bear Tracker aluminum with 2' removable sides for around $1700. It also has the folding tail gate. If you can afford it buy a good trailer and you won't have to replace it every 5 to 6 years because of rust.
  7. Luke that is one lake out of hundreds speared, what about the lakes they over harvested and had zero bag limits for the white anglers. Also what happens to the walleyes that are to big and are speared? There is no catch and release in spearing! Most of the good walleye lakes are speared every year. There are Muskies speared all winter long through the ice also. They even had a Muskie spearing tournament last year.
  8. Pm sent let me know if you got it. Haven't sent one out till now.
  9. A guy in my home town makes them for FF. They were in the sales add last week or so.
  10. Would this work for you? Go to the catch cover web site and check them out. Fish House Suppply has them too. Catch Cover Hole Screen ITEM #: CCSCREEN •Rests inside Both Catch Cover Hole Covers and Catch Cover Sleeves •Vented Design allows air flow so hole doesn't freeze up •Has slot in screen top to allow fishing with Rattle Reels or bobber rigs, day or night. •Slot works great for underwater camera cables •Prevents phones, keys, wallets, dogs and kids from going down the hole!
  11. Jiffy just came out with a lighter propane auger. I think it's around 10lbs less than the first one they came out with.
  12. There are other lakes you can fish trout through the ice but not Lakers. I can give you a couple to try if you want.
  13. Here it is , I found it in the trout regs. under Vilas county. I know guys catch them while they are fishing for whitefish and have to throw the lakers back. TROUT LAKE—Category 5 Open Season for lake trout: May 4 at 5: 00 a.m. to September 30 Daily Bag Limit: 1 trout in total Length Limit: 30"
  14. Thanks for the tip I'll put it to good use.
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