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  1. well i've never replied to my own post. but i found a great map, so i'll post the site for anyone else interested. http://www.state.nd.us/gnf/images/maps/prongmap.gif still curious about hunting these critters though.
  2. thanks for the replies. so their pretty far west. any huge difference in $ between ND and montana out of state liscence? i'll do some looking, just wondering if the population is higher in east MT or something. any more info appreciated.
  3. has anyone done this, and how far west into the state does one need to travel? i've heard there's plenty, and that farmers are more than happy to have you shoot them. sounds like a great and low $ trip. any input? -scruff
  4. mod: no problem. us fm'ers have to look out for each other! i think as long as you only make that egg recipe a time or two a year, shouldnt' be a big deal. who knows..
  5. mod: hey. i did a search, and located the article for ya. i was off on some details: it was olive oil, not tofu. and it was microwaved. maybe putting it in boiling water would be different. anyways, check out the article. pretty interesting. http://www.ecologycenter.org/iptf/toxicity/seventhgrade.html abens: i'm with you on the tofu. my ex was a vegetarian. i got plenty of it on my plate, and my dog got plenty of it under the table.
  6. hey. just an fyi. i was to the fargo g mtn yesterday, and picked up a bunch of sale items. they have rocket naildriver 3 pk on sale for $9 (usually $24). only the naildrivers were on sale, in 100 and 125 gr. also tons of other stuff on sale.
  7. hey guys. i'm in the osage area, near detroit lakes. is there any part of the river where you can cast for these fish? fly or spincasting. sounds like a pretty big river, and like they are deep. always wondering... scruff
  8. wcwh: hey. for what it's worth: sounds like a great idea, but i'll share with you something i read a year ago. a young girl for a science fair project did a study on heating plastic (as in saran wrap and sandwich bags). she wrapped tofu chunks and various other foods in plastic, heated them, and sent them into a lab. in all the test samples she sent in, carcinogens and various toxins were found leeched into the food. since then i've been careful about how i heat things up. using glass containers instead of plastic. just thought i'd mention it...
  9. i'm with bobb-o. american standard. model 94. i use it for deer here in mn. and no lie dropped a cow elk out in WA state. head shot. also shoot dad's old remington scoremaster .22 - sure is sweet. and for fun, i picked up an sks for plinking. any henry fans out there? i'm looking at a henry .17 for some varmit fun.
  10. i'd do a lobster boil with andouille sausage, dungeoness crab, corn on the cob, baby red potatoes, and lots of cajun spices. then serve it up to those peta freaks. organic corn and potatoes, of course.
  11. i'm with pops. the d.o. is a NECESSITY on a trip like this. you can use it every meal, and vary the recipes as well. anything you can make in a conventional oven, you can make in a dutch oven. and if you don't want to lug charcoal around, use coals from a campfire.
  12. i've had sucess using frozen herring, and also dead minnows, so i imagine using any cut bait would work. especially later in the season when some fish are already dying of winter kill (lack of adequate oxygen) in some lakes. the pike are used to nabbing a free and easy meal. just rig your tip up simply, with a 6-8" leader, treble hook, and a spinner. you need the spinner to legally use the treble. as far as depth, i usually look for 10 ft of water, and fish about 3-4' off the bottom. assuming the weeds aren't up that high. fish higher if your not sure, pike will rise. good luck!
  13. slick: hey. i'm definitely into the fl8, and possibly the gps. i'm in osage. will email you. could pick up tonite. -matt.
  14. pops: i make the gravy from scratch. super easy. just brown your sausage or whatever meat, add about 3 heaping tblspns of flour (leave grease in..) and mix well into the ground meat. keep on med/low heat, then slowly add in some milk until you reach desired thickness. if it gets too thin, just add a little more flour. that's all there is too it. and if you have leftovers, put in fridge. will kind of congeal overnite, so just add a bit more milk when you reheat it. i make the biscuits from scratch too, but bisquick is pretty dang good too. good luck...
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