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  1. I'm looking for a couple good quick strike rigs to put on tip ups for northerns. Where is a good place to pick some up or order from online? I need the kind that come allready legal for MN.
  2. gonzo79

    Which size Go Devils to get?

    Just got a card of go devils from tackle city and was wondering if your supposed to take that ring on the eye of the lure off or leave it on? Gonzo
  3. gonzo79

    Opinions On A New Jiffy Auger Please!

    Just picked up a Jiffy 3hp 9" stealth and I have no complaints. The 3 horse is a little heavy, about 7 lbs more than the 2 horse but she sure cuts ice quick. Gonzo
  4. gonzo79

    Auger mount for my ATV...

    Thanks guys that helps allot. I'll have to look into the Ryans Yoke.
  5. gonzo79

    Auger mount for my ATV...

    I need some way to secure my auger to my atv. Is there any product available or is there somthing I can rig up to carry my auger? Gonzo
  6. gonzo79

    What Kind of License for Portables?

    I talked with a CO and we discused this issue. According to him all you need on your portable is your DL# writen on the shelter and your shelter license. Gonzo
  7. gonzo79

    Icing trout rig?

    Fellas, I'll be getting into trout through the ice when it opens on the 15th but need to know what kind of rig to fish them with? Do I use my ultra light pan fish rig or do I need to beef up? What do you all think? Thanks, Gonzo
  8. gonzo79

    Winter Trout Opener...

    I’ve never fished trout in the winter so this year I’m going chase cruisers through the ice. The opener was discussed on FM but no one ever gave the dates. In a fit of anguish I headed to the DNR online for some research. For lakes outside the BWCA winter trout opens 01-15-05 and closes 03-15-05. That makes me feel better, now I know. Gonzo
  9. gonzo79

    Fun little game

    323.5 on the hop, 208.5 in the air... gotta stop
  10. gonzo79

    Winter Rainbow Trout ?

    Thanks, I checked out the trout forum and there is good stuff in there. Gonzo
  11. gonzo79

    Winter Rainbow Trout ?

    Is there a trick to locating them? Do trout suspend in the winter at a set depth like lakers do in the summer, or do they sit off the bottom, or are they all over?
  12. gonzo79

    Winter Rainbow Trout ?

    According to the DNR, Big Watab in Stearns county has been stocked with over 40,ooo rainbow trout fingerling in the last four years. I chase trout allover during the spring and fall but never through the ice. Any tips to help me get some Stearns County trout this winter?
  13. gonzo79

    Vexilar FL-18 v. Marcum LX-3

    Tim, Thanks for the review, it was very helpful. By the way, do you work for Marcum? Just kidding, thanks allot. gonzo
  14. gonzo79

    Vexilar FL-18 v. Marcum LX-3

    Anyone have an opinion on which is a better model? What are the pro's and con's to the FL-18 and the LX-3? How do they match up? Thanks, gonzo