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  1. Get a good Garmin and buy the OnXMaps Hunt chip for your state or whole country. You will be very happy with it. I made the mistake of thinking the phone was the way to go but if you have bad or no cell service you are hosed!! Live and learn.
  2. When you have to leave your tree stand early and you scan and see no deer in the area, 1, You lower your bow down, 2, Get set to drop down your stand and BAM!!! there he is coming your way mister buck! You freeze look down at your bow, while you hold your stand in one hand and he sees you, walks up to within 10 yards looks sniffs and walks away slowly KNOWING you can do not a **** about it!!! (up at Camp Ripley this weekend.)
  3. Just picked up the new Credence Camo Compound-Bow by BowTech from the C store. Could not see spending more $$ for a Mathew like I planned. It is fast, light and short for the area I hunt I wanted to get a short axle length. (plus I had a discount coupon to load up on goodies!!) I have bee using a friends older Hoyt and just wanted to get my own again. So far so good, will update on performance as I get her dialed in.
  4. Remember that the voltage is only a reading of DC amount, the real power is in the AMPS. (as with my problem I did the same thing!! Voltage was never the problem with mine, AMPS BABY!!! AMPS!!!)
  5. I had a issue just like that a few years back. Did the same trouble shot, starter, solenoids, battery. Turned out to be the Positive wire from the battery to the motor, it was all messed up inside the casing!!! (chemical reaction of copper and air will break down over time.) Might be worth a try. Good Luck!!!
  6. A Mission Ballistic, for the price it fits what I need and fast. Wish I had the cash to go with the newer Chill. Some day.
  7. Use my Bird 798 for winter too. Just for the mapping and lake data. Use the fuse is a good idea too.
  8. The ONLY cordless drill out there that I know that has the best batteries and replacement warranty is a RIGID. You can get them at the big orange box store. (You have to buy a combo kit with two or more batteries.) As long as you register the batteries they are replaced for FREE... FOREVER!! Just bring in your battery and charger to the store and they will make sure it is the battery and get you a new one!!! Only way to go IMO.
  9. 100:1 mix For more years then I can remember. (My idea was to blow this one up and get a new one, auger is like 15 years old, the wife says no new one till this one stops!!!) DANG WELL BUILT AUGER!!! LOL
  10. I work at one of the big box stores and sell snow-blowers all the time, and the one thing I will tell you is that I have NEVER had a 2 stage buyer bring back their blower to downsize to a single stage. Customers have returned their single stage back to upgrade to a two stage ALOT. (Been selling them for 13 years now.) I watch my fellow nabs go out during a storm and do their driveway to KEEP up with the storm and I sit back and drink a beer and enjoy the view, then go out after it stops snowing and snow-blow with my 2 stage one time and be done. To each their own I guess. Have a more tec ?s
  11. eyeguy 54 LOVED!!! how you turned the camper to see that view!!! Have to add yet one more place to my bucket list!!!
  12. Well I have to chime in on this one!!! If I am have little or no luck while out fishing then I have to start to let them GO!! AS IN FARTS!!!! The more farts I let go the more fish I catch!!! (I use to feel sorry for those fishing with me, not any more!! They must pay the price for my fish whispering skill-set!!! LOL) OH by the way I have open seats for fishing if anyone wants to go!!
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