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  1. Thanks for the info. How many days can you get from a pair of 30# tanks?
  2. Sounds like a frozen regulator is a bigger problem below zero vs lp runout. Are standard regulators just as bad freezing up as the auto tank switch over style?
  3. How much LP can a guy expect to use in a couple of days when the temps are down blow zero like it currently is? I have a 14' IC with two 30# tanks. Will it have a problem making Friday-Sunday with temps so far blow zero? The floor is foamed and there should be a good amount of snow for banking around the house.
  4. I agree, but for the few times I do overnights I would use a light weight cot. The hitch design is different than most of the other houses on the market. It looks to have pivot points at the corners of the main frame. I have yet to see one go through the drop or rise process. A video of it operating steps would be nice too. It would be great to hear from someone that ownes one.
  5. Any thoughts on the new CORE-ICE 6.5′ x 12′ Adventure Trailer. Looks like a great design! Is this the first year for them? I don't find much on the web about them.
  6. I believe you can not put "fresh water" from the lake in your minnow bucket before you head home. That would be transporting lake water. Treat your city water, keep them cool and they will last for a long time.
  7. Has anyone mounted a flip over portable style shelter on to a trailer? If so could you post a picture? I was having a few beverages in the garage last night while getting my hard water gear together when I noticed my Clam thermal X would mount perfectly off the back of my trailer. Any thoughts? Tom
  8. The performance is not bad. I was just thinking a little more torque could come in usefull when fighting the current.
  9. Any tips for picking a propeller for a Yamaha 15hp on a 12ft alum boat that runs in the river. At this time it has a 9.25 x 10.5 alum prop. It is getting a little beat up and I'm looking to replace it. I'm not sure if it would be to my advantage to change the prop pitch or not. any ideas? Thanks, Tom
  10. UV is the way to go. It's charge is stronger and lasts longer!!
  11. TRDtom69

    River anchor ??

    Well, I went with the Richter. Great anchor!! I was very impressed with how well it held in current and wind. I will give it the thumbs up to anyone looking for a new anchor. Thanks for all the info.!
  12. TRDtom69

    River anchor ??

    Thanks for the info. I need to get to mills and pick one up I think.
  13. TRDtom69

    River anchor ??

    Thanks guy's. That anchor looks great! Is there any problem getting it unhooked from the bottom of a river?
  14. TRDtom69

    River anchor ??

    What is everyone using for a anchor in the river. I have a small 12' boat that I use a bell style anchor. In curent this does not hold very well at all. I have seen some river anchors that look like when they dig into the bottom you would have a hard time getting them up. Thanks
  15. Where is the primer bulb/pump located?
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