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  1. A group of us are trying to get a few late season hunts around the Fergus Falls area this upcoming weekend and I am not familiar with the area much. What I was wondering is if there is anyone from the area that would be willing to chime in and help us out on the locations of city limits and such. We were down there tonight and found a few fields but want to make sure that we are not wasting our time in certain areas. I am gonna stop at the court house and try to get a map that will hopefully help. We have a big spread of dekes,blinds etc. and would being open to hunting with another group to shoot them up if that works out also. Anyways if anyone is willing email me. Happy huntin..
  2. We had a really good year up to november when the corn didnt come out on time and the water froze up too quickly. The birds just flew through with no food available. We ended up with 302 ducks (137 drake mallards) and 230 geese. Of those we had 7 goose bands and one banded drake mallard. This was with a group that went up to 8 guys somedays so. All of the meat is consumed or processed. We take our stuff into the locker plant and have sticks and brats made and they are delicious!
  3. Was just at these two tonight and gander in fargo has all of their ice rods and combos 40 percent off and frabril polar therm tip-ups 9.99! VX-1 's 199... Scheels combos are half off!! Just thought I would pass it on.
  4. I guess I got my answer, but I don't know why it can't be easy like it used to be?
  5. Why is it that you cannot go back like you used to be able to and see old posts from years back. I feel that a lot of useful information is now lost.. I liked it because a person could see possibly where fish were caught in years past to give a person a blindsite when trying new lakes. Any imput or help accessing this info would be great.
  6. After going over to a range in north dakota today and firing three shots, I found out that my gun got bumped or something and now I have the task of sighting it in still because I didnt have to time to start over at 25 yards and I wanted to check my scope mounts first. What I want to know is if I can legally sight in tommorrow in back home in minnesota or do I need to do it in north dakota tommorrow?
  7. This could possibly be mange. Ask yourself if the dog has been around other animals. Have the vet check him out.
  8. How far back do you guys usually troll you cranks for eyes in general. I know that it varies on the lure and such, but just a general number of feet is what I am looking for. Thanks
  9. a snap swivel is huge when jigging in water over 15 feet, it keeps your line from twisting.
  10. Scheel's pro walleye 6'2 with a gander reel that is a knoc of the president reel, cheap and deadly.
  11. Definately otter. Fishers do not slide and will most oftely leave scoop like prints with their feet together or when they walk they leave nothing like what you have their. Not suprising though that this was away from water as we have caught otters in fisher sets as far as a mile from any water.. Nice picts though.
  12. Our final tally was 12 bobcats and 6 fishers that are going up to Canada soon. The fishers were very unsual this year and I have no answer for our drop in the catch of them from last year which was 12. Overall, it was our best year to date on cats usually around 10 but should have filled out this year, had three kitties that left some toes for souviniers. Oh well more stock for next year. The otters got a break this year, with only 4 accidentals in mink traps, as we can't see banging their numbers up for 40-60 dollar prices! After this cold snap we'll have to break out the beaver traps and stoploss on some rats. Good luck...
  13. I bought the first ice clip on lights and they work great can say nothing bad about them but haven't had them out in any real cold weather yet and they are really cheap 5.99 I believe I paid. Same as others with a alarm and light only setting...
  14. Yeah I am with u there too they are a winning team also, that has there stuff together.
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