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  1. Does it say anything about the arena he built in Thief River Falls for the HS?
  2. I was up there last weekend, didn't realize they changed the name. WOW you're really funny. Should be a comedian.
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  5. Since when did NDSU get a Div-1 team? Mankato winning the title they have a boat load of work before that happens.
  6. sum34

    Big Weekend Coming Up

    Hey Dock Boy just got back from the game. No need to bring any kind of broom. Looks like the ride home just got that much sweeter. Should have got some kleenex for all the fans that left early. They must have had a long ride home tonite.
  7. sum34

    Big Weekend Coming Up

    Well its sounds like your 3 yr old should be playing pro hockey someday. Watching your grandparents having sex sounds like you need your head screwed on alittle tighter. Nobody ask you to cheer for the Sioux anyway. Did they play the Canadian anthem for Chucko last yr?
  8. sum34

    Big Weekend Coming Up

    The Gophs got swept by Mich. Tech and lost and tied to AA in 2005 in their multimillon dollar arena also. R U kidding me. Also how do you almost score. Is that like I almost won the lottery. Either you do or don't.
  9. Just remember traders won the Gophs 2 titles also.
  10. Mankato is a pain in the a-- to play home or away. Saw games this yr against ND and they played very tough. I think they will give the gophs another good run tonite. Tormey is out also. I saw Jutting in the elevator at MSU campus 2 yrs ago wanted to slap him in the nutts and tell him thats from the Sioux hockey team but I was out #ed.
  11. Thats because alot of x sioux players live in that general area. DL is their summer hangout.
  12. You can give Sioux fans grief if you want, they can take it just fine. Just make sure you can take it back because you were a sore loser last yr. if I remember right.
  13. I'am friends with anybody and Bucky does suck but they are the champs for now.
  14. I guess I didn't no I was getting so hostile. I was stating a fact about the record and you go off the deepend about being a sourpuss and can't handle the smack talk. Its nice to see I grew up from a 4 yr old to a 10 yr old overnite. Do all the trash talk you want I can take it just fine.
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