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  1. I caught some carp last week. Light bite, but its on like donkey kong.
  2. I'm going to be swinging through the area on Sunday and would like to help in the removal of yellow bass from Clear Lake. Whats a good area to fish for them right now? I'm walking out.
  3. The ones I had tasted just like gills or crappies.
  4. The crappies were nice at 10-11” with both whites and blacks. They seemed to be mixed in with the yellows when schools moved through. The fishing was pretty good considering neither one of us had ever fished clear lake. Those little yellows do indeed make for a fine fish fry.
  5. Kevin, I'm from Iowa and have family not too far from the Clear Lake area. I fished for yellows on Clear on Christmas eve and did indeed get into some, unfortunately the were all around 6-7". Thats all the bigger I saw other people getting too (the crappies were another story). What size of yellows are you getting? Is a 7" fish a keeper? We did keep some because they were fairly thick in the back. Ben
  6. Its worth a try, maybe the fish in the MN have quit feeding on the bottom.
  7. Making stuff up on the internets like a pro, I suppose.
  8. http://www.timesrepublican.com/page/content.detail/id/507662/Big-fish-saved-at-Saylorville-Lake.html
  9. I don’t know if others have noticed it but there’s just a ton of bullheads everywhere. Something ain’t right if those things are swimming free and unafraid.
  10. Nice fish Brad! Brad Durick knows how to put people on fish!
  11. So what you making carp caviar or something? Sorry just had to ask as you apparently have cookware full of carp eggss
  12. Carp-fisher

    " The One"

    Well since da Goonch is out, I'd have to say the Crow River by Dayton. Its an amazing place.
  13. Most reliable way to get a length is to lay the fish as flat as possible on a flat surface and measure with a rigid ruler. Nice straight arm btw. If you really want to get the full effect, you should combine a straight arm with a fish eye lense.
  14. Hahaha you guys all crack me up. The "hype" boils down to a few dozen guys that regularly fish cats on the MN and a bunch of people that go once or twice or not at all and then blab about it all over the net.
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