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  1. any idea how the flowage is doing for ice, thinking about heading up this weekend. also how much snow did you guys get in minong, wondering how bad the driveway is. thanks, brian
  2. I have a place on the flowage and was up for the weekend of the 4th, what a zoo!! But we still did real well on the crappies. If you find the brushpiles the crappies will be real tight and in there. Seems like if your 10 feet away from the brush - no fish. I have 6-7 nice brush piles marked and I'll anchor over it and throw out a boober to float around but most of my fish will come verticle jigging right in the brush. usually don't fish the walleyes, but catch alot in the brush with the crappies. I'll be back up this weekend hopefully it will be a little quieter. The big sunfish are on the prowl also. good luck Brian
  3. my mom was always happy with a phone call or an early card, but the wife deal? last time I looked my wife wasn't my mother !
  4. Since I'm about 2 miles from the croix and there pretty easy to catch, I'm thinking about some silvers on the smoker and am wondering if anyone has any experience with these? I know there pretty good eating in the winter if you cut out that blood line, and am wondering what that does to the taste if smoked, or should it also be cut out. Are they a greasy fish when smoked? Any brine/recipes would be great. Larger fish, smaller fish or doesn't it matter in the flavor. thanks Brian
  5. as far as the strikmaster blades go , don't use the hand sharpenener. I have a sharpening buisness and have seen many many blades that they tried to sharpen with those and pretty much just rounded the edge, in fact i just had 3 sets dropped off yesterday that they tried to use the hand sharpener and it wasn't pretty. They would probably work for a touch up on the ice for jiffy blades or any flat blade but don't try it with strikemaster blades. for what i can sharpen them for just give me a call
  6. yea there's something wrong with the transducer. i used a lx3 for years and never turned it past 3
  7. hey joey, yep thats gruzy's I was just there wed.and talked to bobby. The buck and wing, we call it the duck and swing. A guy there told me someone went through on the flowage last saturday the guy he was with laid flat on the ice and pulled him out.
  8. ND , after this week it could get ugly, but i still wouldn't leave home without my gear
  9. i have a place on the minong flowage and just got back from being up there for a week. not quite sure who's doing well on there, i didn't see a person on there all week ! ice is at only about 3 inches with howling winds and just a dusting of snow which after sunday all melted, so it's glare ice right now. a guy did pull out a pretty good size crank down wheelhouse around the sawdust pile but i thought that was insane and after these few days of warm weather and maybe some rain i would hope he gets it off in time. joey you ever go to a place called gruzy's ?
  10. i can't find the law on this situation so i need some help. i know a guy (lives in mn.) who wanted to fish the st.croix during the state shutdown but didn't have a resident lisence,so he thought he would be smart and got an out of state one and fished the croix and continues to fish the croix almost everyday. i told him he is illigal and every walleye caught is illigal because you need a license from the state you reside in to fish boarder waters. so what is the law and where can i find it, i think i'm right.
  11. k thanks guys, so marine man the power wire is about 20 ft long , your thinking that all that wire is just zip tied somewhere under the dash? sounds right about going to the fuse box, hence the master shut off switch
  12. i'm going to replace the old black and white x87 that came with the boat - finally. the boat is a lund 1700 pro sport.my question is about pulling the wires for the new one to the back battery, so heres my plan-- are you following:) i'll tape the new power wire to the end of the old transducer cable and pull it back through to the motor, then take the new transducer cable and tape it to the old power wire and pull it back up to the dash, i know confusing. what i'm really wondering though is what are the chances of all the wiring that runs behind the side panels being zip tied together so i can't do this, and if they are how hard is it to take off these side panels to get to the wiring
  13. hey guys, i have a place on the flowage, so i guess i'll be out there somewhere also-- pogos going to be open ? there hurting pretty bad. blue lund pro sport 90 yahmaha
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