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  1. Those are 2 very good ?'s to ask your local Warden Heres the reason why I asked those same ?'s and a few more to 2 different wardens over the past 3 1/2 weeks.I'm still confused 1 said i needed to use atleast 1 doe tag with a firearm and if i got bonus tags i needed to do the same Other warden said i could use my bow on all the deer not more then a combined total of 5 with 1 being a buck For the 2nd ? i realy did NOT understand what he was talking about since i dont hunt in lottery areas.Correct me if i'm wrong but it sounded like lottery areas also give out bonus tags during certain seasons.It was my understanding during that season (where you can buy extra doe tags)you can use your bow to harvest does.Thats what i got outa his answers to my ?'s Both Wardens told me i was not the only 1 confused.1 even took my cell number and had to call me back because he had no idea how to answer my ?.His answer to my ? was not how i had figured it was and i'm glad i had asked because i sure the hell would of got a ticket Never call the headquaters and ask that person who answers the phone.Found out the hard way several years ago.We even had a name to go with the number we called yet still got a ticket.Just ask for how you can reach your local warden.Call the number and leave a detailed mess and a return number they will call ya back
  2. Just don't shoot slugs through full chokes, that's not good. Thats not 100% correct The older guns with no choke tubs generaly shoot better slugs with a full choke specialy the Browning A5's.We have 4 that will out shoot any new gun on the market today using $1.99 slugs.100 yards with 30 or 32" full choked barrels riffle sights/scopes will hit a 2" dot 5 outa 5 rounds even after hundreds of rounds gone through the gun Each gun has a mind of it's own.The same 2 guns will probly shoot different.You need to find out what brand and size your gun likes best.Just remember a few dollars wasted on shells adds up to a whole year you been waiting for so dont be tight and just try 1 load/brand.It's a long wait for the next season By the way it's a lil late to be asking these ?'s.Now your going to sight that gun in when it's cold out and the season is just around the corner...HMMmmmmmmm Let alone most sporting goods stores are on the thin side of slugs at this time
  3. Area i'm in is about all done with those tactics.Were going to get out the fawn/doe calls.Most of the fighting is done with unless you get 2 bucks near the same size wanting the same doe We tried those tactics several different times the past few days between 5 guys and not 1 buck responded they were all chasing
  4. You can always use other hunters to your advantage as well yet still be able to spend time in the field bow hunting. Find yourself a spot on a fence line near a lone tree out in the middle of nothing ='s a bow hunters dream come true
  5. Hunting 1/4 moon phase times are 2-3 pm every year every month on the up side and down side of the full moon.Weather plays a big part in this.I'm not saying the deer wont be moving early morning late evenings but a good portion of deer will be on the move and this time of year that means the bucks will be as well I have posted this over and over. Half moon phase you'll see more deer around 10 am.As the moon gets more towards 3/4 to full the deer will change about 1 hr it will be either around 9am or 11-12 am.Once you find out what time this is you'll have about 5-6 days to get a crack at the deer they will feed about the same time frame during the full moon phase Just by talking with a few hunters that live up north heres what i got.These times dont always tend to follow the deer times up north but they have said once they saw deer at 9 am when i see deer at 11 am it was the same thing every month when the moon phase is 1/4 moon ect..... I know it's hard to go on a deer stand at 9am and hunt until 11 am when the normal hunting hours are early morning and late afternoon.This goes back to old school hunting
  6. I hope your single I did manage to get another buck over the weekend.Well i should say he got me or they.Was about 200 yards from coming to a stop to drop off another hunter slowing down to about 30 mph and poof out came a 10 pointer.All i saw were 2 racks then it went dark and shiot from my front end hitting my windshield. We turned around shined my 1 head light in the ditch 2 bucks down.1 buck about 110" the other about 130".Got the flash light out just in time to get the hell outa the way as the bigger buck came around and smashed into the passenger side door try'n to get outa the area.He bounced off the door making a new dent fell over got up and bolted across the picked corn.The other buck not so lucky After calling it in i got the ok to gut the deer out then drive 20 miles to meet the officer for a transport tag.We just got done cutting up the deer.Right front shoulder was shot along with part of the back strap.He had several puntcure wounds guessing by the looks of them it was from the 130" antlers.Thinking when he flew through the air he hit the antlers hard off the other buck and knocked him silly for a minute or 2.Then he smashed into my door prety darn hard so this should go over well with the insurace company Atleast the bigger 1 got away for a hunter to get a wack at him in the future All i can say is man i hope i never hit 1 going 55 mph or faster
  7. Not sure how much crop land compared to woods ect.. but if you know this bucks a corn field deer my best guess is he's in the next 1 over that has water/cover.If the next field over is lets say a half mile-1 mile away with no water he will probly hit the area he was in way before and after shooting hours then head into the standing corn for the day Same thing happend to us this weekend.All set up and poof half the field got picked during the nite and he was gone.Only corn field left around we cant hunt so i just forgot about this 1 and moved on.Gun hunters will polish him off this weekend
  8. Jesse He should be down and out by the end of the weekend.Got him pin pointed in the same section but on the other end working a waterway.He has a new scrape line as of yesterday.He has not opened any in the area you hit him at since that day.3 of my hunting buds are probly on the stands i put in place yesterday.They called at 4:15 am this morning so i'm thinking if he walks the path he has been he should be a goner this morning with a perfect EAST wind. I'm headed out to watch the action from the road so i'll try and update late tonight after i get done with field work for that farmer
  9. Well westb i'll tell ya this much.The last 3 guys i had out hunting drove by atleast 50% of deer standing out in the open anyone could see with out field glasses.When i have anyone but my normal hunting buddy with i always look out the passenger side window as much as i can. It does help to look out the side window more then out the front when your not driving. I also put on 1,008 miles from the time Jesse showed up in my driveway and when he pulled away from my driveway.I went way outa my way to try and get this guy a nice buck Jesse had 2 chances at 160" bucks 1 he hit and we lost.The other 1 is kinda my fault.I should of went in the area with him.This buck should of been down and out.Just lack of experience on what to do when dominant bucks do certain things to draw them in and what not to do when 1 is headed your way. SOOOooooo you can think i'm full of talk or ya can do a few things to create luck. By the way WESTB where abouts in the state you located at???I would like to get a better idea what part of the state your from so i know not to hunt that area because no big bucks seem to be around your area
  10. I had a chance to hunt with a guy the last couple days that has not shot a big buck ever.1 reason i heard was the area he lives in does not hold a big buck.The other reason i heard was when he(they) went to other states deer hunting the area was full of lil shiots and the neighbors had killed the big bucks all off Well after hunting 1 1/2 days with this guy heres my best guess why he WILL probly never kill a big buck Old school hunter Thinks big bucks hide behind every tree just because the guy he's hunting with has shot a couple Plans a week long trip and goes home after 1 1/2 days Knows 2 or 3 bucks are in a 1/2 mile area yet decides to hunt 3 miles away Sees deer on his stand yet complains because there not big enough To top it off he just lost the best chance he will ever have to shoot a monster buck at a very cheap price of free He is not a member of this site either Just a guy who reminds me of several hunters i have had convo's with over the years So everyone stop and think about what hunting actualy is before ya open your mouth or press a few keys Ya dont have to kill something to have a good time
  11. Dont hold it to long westb ya might end up like the 1 Jesse wounded I'll post pics when i get home from this hunting trip.Like Jesse said this bucks not big at all.Typical 8 point shoe boxer.About 1/10 of the size he hit in the neck the morning before By the way Jesse.That buck still walks.Just got word about 8pm this evening the guys seen this buck 1 mile away in a picked corn field feeding.He looked healthy other then no white spot on the neck it was all dried up blood along with both front shoulders looked the same colorThey set 2 stands up about 9pm to try and take him out wed afternoon
  12. Well Jesse was down to the final minutes.We went out and did some calling about 9am.1st buck came in about 1 minute into calling.buck was about 10 feet away from Jesse looking towards me he slammed an arrow into the buck and off he went.I just kept on smashin antlers 2 more bucks came in 1 being a fork the other about 115-120 class buck Called for about 5 minutes then i walked over to the blood trail and knew this buck was not going far.We just got on the trail and went about 60 yards and he was dead
  13. I'll grunt 2-5 times in a row then pause for 10 seconds.Repeat this about 3 or 4 times.I'll use short deer grunts until the last 4 or 5 grunts.The last of my calls will be long loud and deep with a rasp to it. I'll wait about 30 seconds then smash a big set of antlers together and make it sound like war world 3 and keep this up for 10 minutes if nothing comes in.Then stop wait about a minute then do several long loud deep grunts Dont do this when your hunting alone.Most of the time you'll get busted so have a friend(S) along to do the shooting and take turns from spot to spot Set the shooters up about 40 yards away from the guy doing the clashing.Try and set up so the deer wont want to come in down wind of the caller. Read up on what came into this on Oct 21st/22nd winner is I have been doing this for about 4 or 5 years now.Works very well for the next week to 10 days after that throw this idea out the window until next season
  14. When i was trackin this buck i came across more scrapes and rubs.All freshly opened and wet so that tells me the bucks are checking them in the am as of now.How early is the next ? but i came along a solid line of rubs/scrapes you could tell at 4 pm those wet spots had been made in the last couple hours.
  15. <++++++++=======================Very DISAPOINTED but thats hunting We'll give it 1 more try in the morning and see if Jesse can downn a monster i saw the other day.Were headed out with a corn ladder stand along a waterway about 5 am.I'll lay back in the corn with my call/Antlers just at day break i'll start war world 3 in the corn field to draw this slob out if he's around the area.My luck he'll attack me and Jesse will wonder what all the noise is back there
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