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  1. The Donk

    Boy's HS tourney

    Being from St. Cloud I was proud that the Tigers were in that game for a while, but to be honest I am suprised they were for that long! Good game plan by the coach but I told my wife before the game I would be suprised if it were close. Thats pretty bad when you are talking about an undefeated team getting its socks handed to em... Hopkins could probably hang with the Timberwolves for a little while
  2. You gotta problem with my expert analysis always??
  3. The guy from Texas in the middle was the biggest problem... the guards had to collapse on him otherwise he would just move Sampson or Iverson out of the way and bounce the ball off their heads after dunking. This opened up Abrams or anyone else to shoot wide open. The way I see it, these are both freshmen and after the workout program Tubby will put them on they might bulk up some and be able to hang with someone like that monster. BTW, the Hopkins player going to the Gophers next year already looks bigger and more athletic than either of those stringbeans down low this year for us. Hey, Wait till next year!
  4. riverfishingmiss, shoot me an email rlhaehn at hotmail dot com
  5. I myself have been out three times this week and will be going out again today. I have been giving reports but seems like I am one of the few. Are people just on here to complain about trash (not that theres anything wrong with that) or are people just really that tight-lipped? If you read my reports you will note that I dont give real specifics, but let peeps know there are fish biting. Just saying these boards are real quiet on this front and getting boring to read
  6. I just see the trend of the Gophs being in foul trouble early continuing and Texas shooting way too many free throws to lose. Anyone else think the Gophers foul too much??? They play great defense, but every third time down the floor they give up a cheap foul with like 20 seconds on the shot clock. They could definitely win if they tighten it up
  7. Texas isn't too farfetched, but theres no way they get past the Dukies. Like I said before, im just glad to watch em in the big one for once.
  8. 3, I like tying jigs. Actually, would have 5 by now, but keep losing em to really fast fish on URL
  9. Westbrook was a disapointment today... he played too reckless and couldnt hit jumpshots. He needs to settle down a bit. Hopefully we get in. Sunday we will know.
  10. there ya go koonie, that will provide some reading material for ya I suppose...
  11. I will agree that he is the best all around catcher in the league, no doubt. However, what gets me is the fans that say the same dribble coming out as here, "oh hes a home town guy, gosh, we love him so much".... yuck. What the he double hockey sticks does that have to do with anything? Are you getting any of his exorbinate salary? I know I'm not. Whether he could have done anything earlier I dont know but I'm going to take the position that he probably could and will not suck **** to make excuses for him Get in the lineup and perform.
  12. The Donk


    Whatever happened to "the culture of accountability"?? If Chilly sticks by that, there is no way he would end up here. Did anyone see the ESPN nationwide poll of "would you want TO on your team?" only 26% said yes, and he couldnt get the majority in one state. That says it all, just retire and invest your money in gangs or drugs like you would have anyways, Terrell
  13. Im sure it was a green bay writer or wisc affiliate. Sage is the prototypical Trent Dilfer QB, just dont throw it away and make a few plays to get 20 pts on the board, we'll take our chances with that and shut em down on the def side. The pack needs more than just Def line help, they have good LBs but their secondary is a bunch of overpaid girls that get hurt waaaay to much!
  14. There is some bunny boots at the unclaimed freight store in Sauk Rapids, maybe if you have a store like that down in Rochester you could check that out. I have a buddy that swears by them too.
  15. Is this really what some other land is going for per acre up there??? It was a nice dream for about 3.5 minutes while looking it up though
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