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  1. The clear coat is actually called krylon 1311, works excellent as top coat to protect your paint as it has no shine at all, just make sure to not put it on thick or you will get a slight shine. better to use 2 very light coats.
  2. For fathers day i'd like to buy my dad a 1 day guided walley fishing trip for him and myself in the Hayward area, preferable on the Chippewa Flowage for this summer sometime. I have no idea where to start looking. Does anyone have any suggestions for fishing guides in the area? Or where I would start to look for one? Would like to go with someone who is recommended if possible. Let me know, thanks.
  3. The sled doesn't have reverse. I know you can buy reverse kits and I think they are fairly easy to install however I'm not sure how much they cost to buy or install.
  4. The track is studded and is in good condition, I have pictures of that also. Guys, thanks for noticing my garage, I have been known for being a little anal about keeping my things clean and neat, sometime I think I spend more time cleaning my garage than using it...
  5. I have a 1996 Arctic Cat EXT 580cc liquid cooled snowmobile, it has hand and thumb warmers, a studded track, hood screens, ski skins, skid plate, and a cover. It is in good condition for its age and extremely clean. It has around 3,800 miles on it. Asking $1,300.00. I have a couple of pictures below. I have more that I can email. I'm located in the Rochester, MN area. My phone number is (507) 346-9851 or e-mail at [email protected] EXT PICTURE 3 EXT PICTURE 4 EXT PICTURE 5
  6. I am looking a buying a different shotgun for my son. He currently shoots a Winchester 12 gauge pump (model 1200?). He hunts deer, waterfowl, and pheasants. I found a used Remmington 11-87 12 gauge, 26" barrel, synthetic stock. Are these good, dependable guns or are they the single shot semi-auto model? I think i can buy it for around $300. Any advice or experience with this gun would be apprecated. Thanks.
  7. Cool, thanks for the replies guys, I think I understand now. I am shooting a rifled slug barrell and there was a noticeable difference in accuracy/consistency between his gun and mine at 100 yards.
  8. I was sighting in my rifled slug barrell this morning and was shooting Winchester sabot 2 3/4" supreme (i think they were called supreme, they were in a black box) 1900 fps. A friend was out also with me and he was shooting remmington rifled slugs out of a plain barrell, (they were 2 3/4" rifled slugs, don't know anymore about them other than he said they were the cheapest he could find). At 50 yards the hole in the card board from his rifled slug was almost twice as large in diamater than the hole from my sabot. We were both shooting 12 gauges. Why the difference in hole size? Is there a noticable difference in knock down power due to the larger hole or do the sabot's expand when they make contact with something thicker than cardboard? Thanks.
  9. Northland, thanks for the offer but i'm not interested in seperating. I am going to keep it as a package deal.
  10. I have 2500 lb warn winch and a front brush guard/bumper that i'll throw in on the deal also (was going to keep them). Price reduced to $5,350 which includes everything.
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