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  1. Made it out to Chatfield Sat. morning early. Hit the south end around the gravel pits. Fished until 11:30, 2 trout and 1 small walleye. Ice is pretty thin, 3 inches at best, drilled about 30 holes, some ice closer to 2" than three. I did'nt want to get too brave, some real milky spots w/ slush. I was out near the dam, about 15 years ago, ice was about the same.Went home and watched the football game, later when the news came on, the head lines were " fisherman drowns at Chatfield" Please be carefull. Amesangler? Where did you get that tape measure? I want to get my wife one.LOL No problem Webos, give me a jab now and then.
  2. Does anyone know if there is enough ice to fish the prime walleye areas, near the dam, or on the east side(the old road), how about the gravel pits on the south end? I have read in Hunting and Fishing News that the water is down lower than normal.Does anyone have any information? Would like to serve them walleyes some minnows. Any info. would be appreciated. Hey Webos, here's your chance, you owe me one.
  3. We left early Fri. morning, about 4:30,my 3 boys and I, we wanted to catch some big trout. Our plans were to fish Lake John and N.Delaney and hit some of the other small lakes in the area. When we stopped to hit the can in Granby, my oldest son asked if we could stop and try Seymour Res. west of Rand. I said O.K.,and at about 7:50 A.M. we arrived. The drive was fairly good but we had to take it easy as there was a lot of ice and snow. When we were within 1 mile of the res. there was 5 grouse on the road. Thinking about hunting in that area next year. We got to the res. and started to get the warm clothes on, the wind was blowing so hard that, I would not even think about getting the shelters out, and you could see a storm on the south mountains. So we went out on to the ice, towards the middle of the dike and drilled some holes. With in a few minutes, I caught a 10" rainbow, and then the boys caught many more, putting them all back but 1, that my youngest thought was the biggest.We caught almost all of themm on pumpkin colored tube jigs, no bait needed, with 1/32 oz. jig heads. We had to leave as the storm from the south was really whipping in some snow by now, and we did'nt know if the roads would drift in, besides that it was cold, the auger trigger even froze up.Too bad that the water in Seymour does not stay consistant as in the past we would catch some nice fish. The plan then was to go to Walden and check into our motel room and watch some football, but when we got to Walden the wind and snow seemed to slow, so we decided to try out Cowdrey. We got to Cowdrey about 11:30 and went straight out from the south outhouse about 100 yards and drilled some holes. We had 1 line in when the game warden showed up. He checked our licences, I asked him about the rules on the sizes of jigs that can be used at the Delaney Butte Lakes. I asked about the 1-1/2 " rule, he said if you read the division book, by the letter of the law 1-1/2" is the smallest lure that can be used, and then he said that the rule made no sense, if you can use a size 16 fly, why do you need to use a 1-1/2 jig. I should have asked him for his card. But he said that none of the wardens would, in that area would ticket you, as long as the jig was not tipped with bait.We caught many 10-12" rainbows. We stayed until 4:00 and headed for the motel. We made a pot of chili and hit the hay. Our plans for Sat. morning was to hit N. Delaney and then John. We got up at 5:30, and loaded up, went to the mini-mart to get coffee. The snow was blowing sideways. I talked to the lady at the mini-mart and she said that she had talked to 2 guys that had tryed to go to John , but had to turn around because of white out conditions. We decide to go home, and thought going through Laramie would be good because the storm was coming from the south, six of this half a dozen of the other, as going through Wyoming could be even worse. When we got close to Woods Landing the weather was clearing, and you could tell that the snow was not very deep, so I turned and went to the Honholtz Lakes. When we got there, there was 1 truck and he was just getting his stuff out of his truck. We went out and drilled some holes, within 20 minutes we caught 20-30 fish all small, so we decided to leave #2 and go to #3. We caught a few browns at #3 and my youngest son lost a fish that was 3-4 pounds. We stayed for about 2 hours and went back to #2, we caught many more, and my oldest caught a nice rainbow, 17" and around 3 pounds. Orange Ratsos no bait, awesome. Made it back to Denver by 5:00, and went to a party, with the wife. Great weekend!
  4. Tipup50, We are heading to John again, leaving tommorrow morning and spending the night in Walden. Will probably head back Sat. afternoon, or if the fishing is good, come back Sun. Good luck everyone and have a great New Year.
  5. Oh yeh, but only the livers of black roosters will work.LOL was fishing with char. tube jigs, about 1-1/2" long, with 1/16 ounce jig head, tipped with half of a mealworm. Would pull jig off weeds 1-2', did not move jig. When I did move it , it seemed to spook the fish. Most of them would swim by and come back after it, as soon as they had the jig in their mouth, I would set the hook or try to, there were not any second chances. Good Luck and Merry Christmas
  6. Webos, Again I apoligize, I hope that you accept. Just saw an opening, I meant nothing personal. I have worked construction all my life and often we joke with each other in one form or another. I would not say that I am a great fisherman, I know that if you keep your line in the water you have a chance to catch fish. I, like you, enjoy reading and learning what others are having success with, and will also tell all when I get out the next time. No hard feelings, I hope. Happy Holidays
  7. Webos, I am sorry if I offended you. Just felt like being a smart a$$ at the time. I'm sure that you are a good fisherman, probably better than myself. Don't get lucky very often so got to brag now and then. Take Care and have a Merry Christmas!
  8. Lucky, I agree, we should practice take and put, not put and take. I have kept very few fish lately, as the kids are leaving the nest, we don't keep very many. Only nice fish, and not more than one or two a trip if that. Kept one in May a 23" cuttbow out of Arvada Res., and a 26" wiper caught at Bonny by my oldest on an ultra light, 9lbs. +/-. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year.
  9. Webos, Sometimes fishermen do not like to tell all. Some things you have to learn on your own. I very seldom ask what other fishermen are using, or how they are fishing. I will however send the kids over to see the fish that they have caught. I don't know why but they allows ask the right questions. So here it is my tech. for fishing John through the ice. 1. Drill hole. 2. Select bait/jig.(best jigs you can buy, are at Walmart in the little boxes, assortment pack) make sure that the hooks are gold (gold are the strongest hooks and will not bend). Tear drop jigs are the best, small ones. Select lime green color. 3.Tie jig to line, use a double square knot. 4. Bait jig, use chicken liver. 5. Skim hole as there is probably 1/2" ice by now.6. Drop jig in hole. 7. Pull jig off of weeds, 1-2'. 8. Wait and look at jig. 9. A fish will soon aproach, when you see the fish, jig up and down, lifting the jig at least 2'. The fish will chase the jig. 10. Set hook hard and bring fish through hole. Good Luck
  10. I was fishing about 1/4 mile south, of the north boat ramp, just off the west road.
  11. Made it up to John Sat. Spent the night Fri. at the Round-up. Got to the lake about 6:30. Drilled my first hole in about 15', dropped my jig and caught a 14" cut. Fished at that spot about 30 minutes and then worked into shallower water. Set up the shelter and started sight fishing in about 10', caught 8 nice rainbows, got broke off once (bad knot), and had many other strikes. Great fishing for about an hour. Then about 4 vehicles pulled up and started fishing all around me, within 100'. Come on guys there is a whole lake, why do some people have to do this? Fishing slowed to about a strike every 45 min. to an hour. I have found that when you are fishing in shallower water, with bright sun shine, shadows and movement can really spook the fish. Great day sun shine and no wind. Guess I should'nt complain, I should have moved. Good fishing for a little while.
  12. Gilles, If a local could give us some reports, I'm sure that we could help the Mesa out. But perch multiple like most unwanted species. Big PROBLEM. The only place and way I like perch is on the plate battered, and in my living room while I watch a good football game.
  13. Dan, I know thet the bag limit for perch has been lifted by the DOW, but has anyone out there caught perch on a consistant basis? How big is the problem really? Don't want to see a great fishery go down the tubes.
  14. Hey John19, Leaving from Westminster. If your interested can meet almost anywhere along I-70 or I-25. Is'nt there a park and ride or place to park, just off I-25 and Hwy 34, on the northwest side of that junction?
  15. Thanks for the welcome Lucky7, I'm still looking for a co-pilot.Everyone that I normally go with is either doing honey-dos, working, xmas shopping, or taking finals.
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