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  1. Thought I would ask here who knows. Deer season starting soon and we have no tv reception so I was thinking there must be a way to connect my I Phone to my lap top and watch streaming video of the football games. Have unlimited data so that is not a problem. Anybody ever try this or know how.
  2. Mine did almost the same thing. What mine would not do, was to go auto pilot. You point the boat in a direction but would want to steer to the right. Spot locked worked. Contour following not very good either. I called M/K and they replaced the head free of charge. If it is still under warranty that is the way to go. The only problem is you are out for about a week. They e-mail you a pre-paid Fed X label which you send in your head and when they get yours, they send a new one
  3. Hear is my problem. Used the heck out of my motor yesterday got home and plugged in charger I charge one battery at a time. My charger shows 0-100% charge with voltage that battery is at and charger output. First battery showed 9% charged and volts 12.5. Left charger on all night and this AM it showed 100% Started charging second battery and it showed an 80% charge with 12.5 volts. I am sure one of these are bad but which one. Seems like all the juice is coming from one battery but this is a 24 volt motor. not sure how this works. Put a battery tester on both batteries and both showed good. Have not changed any wiring and all connectors look clean and free of corrosion, Any ideas
  4. I would be interested of the brand name of the trailer. I have been fighting with this same problem for three years on the G-3. Have heard it all and everything checked out, pressure boat weight, etc. Mine were not going that fast, but a set a season. This year went to a tire dealer and he told me to use only radials. less flex. Hope these last longer as the were not cheap (Coopers)
  5. Before I would do that, I would check for any type of vacuum leaks and check the fuel hose. Same thing happened to me but smaller engine and it turned out the primer bulb had gone bad. I think the check valve in the bulb would not hold pressure. As long as I pumped the bulb it would run fine
  6. Not sure on the additives. I still run some two strokes outboards and other two cycle equipment and had the same problem of mixture until I found this plastic measuring jar at the K-store. It is broken down in 1/2 gallon of gas up to 20 gal and 5 different mixture ratios, No more guessing when mixing a odd amount of gas
  7. Toyota Rav 4 Pushing 220K and used exactly for what you are doing. They do show the rust though. I looked at small P/U but the things I found wrong, no really secure storage and I did not like putting things in the box if you have company also if you use a dog and its cold outside
  8. All this talk about stands brought some old memory's back. I remember going out with my dad some 50 years ago do some scouting and then build a stand with what ever we could just using an ax. The stands did not last long as they would rot within two years.
  9. These proposed changes reflect the regs on National Forest Land which covers a huge chunk of Northern Mn. Five years ago they came thru are area just prior to opener and told us to remove all permanent stands and carry out all debris this covered three camps. I think another thing which they do not like is that some of the stands are no longer just a platform but an enclosed area with roofs and windows. So when they start to rot and no longer used guess what, all that junk is left there.
  10. Tried all that. Had both the Sen/Target down to zero, together and single not much of a change. It seems even with a tiny jig waxie the target goes smaller but not that much. I dont think a swivel or jig should take up that much space.
  11. Have a question for other LX-7 owners. Have what I think is problem with my unit or maybe that is the way they are. Have had this happen since new in Dec. Have not seen another one on the ice to compare. I think the target is to big. Have tried every setting and combination and not much changes. The picture taken on LOW. A small Demon jig with a head only and a tiny barrel swivel. Normal or not.
  12. I think if it was green it might have been a Dog Fish. They can get big
  13. Understand. Had several questions and just went back to Marine General and they helped but still looking for one more answer. Have a LX 7 one month old. Maybe it is just me, still trying to dial it in, but my target marks are huge even when using a small jig and waxie. Was on LOW this weekend using a Demon and the head, and my jig took up almost two feet on the scale. Also a small split shot would show up large. Tried all the adjustments still no luck. Sen - 0 Target 0-10 no help.
  14. Post if they ever get back to you. Left phone msg and e-mail Jan 4 and still no replay
  15. 05 silverado also with same problem. You have to take it to a shop that has the correct scan tool Its not a quick check dealer wanted $100 to do it. Found a shop that could do it and it came back as the front sensor to start with and maybe more. Parts are not cheap Waiting for warmer weather to proceed.. Most home scanners will not work
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