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  1. Two out three pups I've had have done the same thing. Front paws coming out of the water, splashing everywhere. They both got past it. Just need some more time in the water.
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    Computer Help

    Could be corrupt cookies. Go into your "my home" and try expiring your cookies.
  3. My concern is that you can't control his respose with shock collar, he could react a couple different ways. You have to remember, this is obviously an agressive dog with a dominance issue. It "might" correct the problem or he could snap, become even more aggressive and lash out. I would seriously consider putting this dog down. If you're not comfortable or committed to getting a real good handle on this, it WILL happen again. Next time it might be worse. Tough decision, but this can't go unchecked!
  4. Do not use a shock collar to deter aggressive behavior. It won't solve anything. He needs to know that YOU are in control, and YOU will have to handle him accordingly!
  5. Quote: Now that spells Trouble with a capitol T and that rhymes with P and that stands for....No, not Pool, Politics! Pardon my Guys and Dolls reference there! Wasn't that from The Music Man?
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    Quote: That's gonna cost us. That was my first thought...
  7. I feel for you man. Been there, done that. Way before her time on the eve of duck opener. Truley, a man's best friend.
  8. Did anyone else catch the BEST college basketball team in the state last night! Winona State Warriors 69 Minnesota Golden Gophers 64
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    Michael Cuddyer

    Saw the slow motion replay, slowed down even further with Tivo. Close play........... OUT!
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