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  1. focredtowork....i had the same problem with mywheel house 2 years ago when i built it all could afford was a interior door hoping that with plenty of paint it might work..needless to say it didnt so i talked to a gentlmen at menards and he said that he might be able to find someone that could custom build me a exterior door [my door is 24inches by 80inches]didnt hear from him for a week, but he got it done, placed my order last sat.its gonna take 3 weeks...i went to forest lake,mn menards, hope this might help, good luck
  2. technically where they ice fishing so you can have two lines or was it open water fishing so they can have one line? ......... in all seriousness its good to know that they made it back safely
  3. lip ripper, i just finished building my frame up yesterday,was thinking of the rubber roof, but dont know anything about rubber roofing,is it hard to install? could you please explain how you did yours. any help on this would be great thank you
  4. mix your fish with cream chesse and whatever else you like..thats the skinny of it
  5. monstermoose i decidied to put him in the smoker, maybe have a replica done... dont know if i can make it over there anytime soon...too much going on this weekend and not enough time good luck to you
  6. monstermoose that was me that caught the trout and my son who netted it for me. thanks again for use of the net!! half way to the lake i realized i forgot mine at home. the fish was 22 1/4 inches long and weighed 6 pounds even. id post a pic if i knew how thanks again, maybe ill see you out there
  7. has anyone had any luck up river from the franconia boat launch. ive tried the deeper holes, no luck. has anyone had any luck in this area? any info would be great
  8. walleyeguy last weeks issue of outdoor news has a article about winchesters closing on page 13. its sad to say but my pre 63 winchester guns should go up in value. its always sad to american jobs go over seas.
  9. tweed did you go to cenaiko or courthouse. sounds like you had a good morning. i cant get out at all this weekend. started my own business last fall and i have a customers snowmobile to work on tomorrow. between that and my regular job free time is kinda short. good luck and keep sending the reports rick
  10. tweed yea that was me by the pier glad you found the lake ok. sounds like you guys did pretty good. i would like to give it a try again. maybe this weekend if i get some free time,busy packing, gotta play it by ear. let me know if your gonna give ceniako(?) a shot next weekend good luck rick
  11. tweed did you find the lake ok? ive been busy packing,moving up to chisago in 3 weeks i iced one rainbow lost one about 2 pounds ,that was for 3 guys have you been back to court house,any luck,keep thinking of those big browns, i would like to maybe go back again before i move, if i can sneak away rick
  12. jim 35w to cnty 10(old hwy 10) go north past 610, west on egret that will take you straight to the park. yes it does cost 5 dollars unless you have a anoka county park permit if its not to late at night tonight gimme a call, makes it easier to give directions 651 230 3684 Rick
  13. tweed the water isnt all that clear. i use the same. color combo that you just spoke of and i fish ceinko the same as i would courthouse. just need to find the depth they are runnig at good luck Rick
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