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  1. I use the spider micro and I love it. Its an added bonus if you've got the scent blocker suit that accommodates the harness with snaps. That's originally why I bought it and it snaps right into the jacket and never has to be removed unless you wash the clothing. Needless to say you would rarely forget your harness!
  2. I would like to see the gun season held off for a week or two, I think that we would start to see a positive improvement on deer size and herds in areas that are lottery or hunters choice that are surrounded by intensive harvest areas.
  3. walleyeguy7


    the only thing that gets me is the light coat, the pronounced area around the eye, and the way the rear leg looks. To me that leg looks to thick like its tail maybe slightly down, making its leg look like that. If I had to guess Id say cougar.
  4. Thanks guys! great advice! I am going to try it out. My choke is pushing the key in while turning it over, I can do that while its running too, should I use that or the primer bulb or does it even matter? I am assuming the bogging should quit if this is done and it is a fuel starvation problem??? I am really hoping it isn't an elec. problem, I know that those parts can be pretty spendy!
  5. well new lines, new filter same problem. when i went to get the new filter the parts guy told me to run the motor and when it started to bog out to push in choke and if it revved up it was starving for fuel if it died it was electrical. I thought that if you choke any motor while its running (especially at high rpms) that it would kill. i read a tip about decarbing a motor with seafoam, so i think that im going to try that, but if anyone else has any ideas that would be awesome.
  6. thanks guys i think im gonna replace the fuel lines and filter, i had a buddy tell me the same things you guys did today. i thought it was maybe something alot worse ill keep my fingers crossed!
  7. I have a 2000 johnson 115. Ive had it and the boat for about 10 years now and never had a problem. This year i ran it the first time for about 2 hours and then when under full throttle the motor would cut in and out, i switched out gas for fresh gas, it was winterized with stabil and run through the motor prior to storage and i ran seafoam through it after storage. The problem continued after the fresh fuel was put in and a fresh dose of sea foam. All other speeds are fine but when Im at full throttle it almost dies and then comes back Im usually good at figuring this kinda stuff out but im baffled at this one please help!
  8. Yeah thats exactly how ive been lately. If I hear leaves or twigs man my heart starts pounding! then if see a deer it gets even worse (better) depends how you look at it. I think I will be able to handle it. I just think the lack of deer Ive seen this year has to have something to do with it. Just never had the fever this bad before???? Oh well. I do appreciate the input though guys, Thanks!!!
  9. I know there is a fine line and I still want to get wound up, but the last few times it gets to the point where I feel I might mess up the shot or something. Until recently Ive never really had a problem with the shakes or even thinking about the shot. I guess the adrenaline thing is just getting to be a bit more than it has been in the past and I guess I just figured it would be the other way around. I was just caught off guard this last time its kinda crazy when you feel like youve just run a marathon confined to a tree on a 24x30 inch platform! anyways I hope this makes sense and I do appreciate the advice. I guess I should just start seeing more deer, maybe that would solve it!
  10. I have been hunting for 15 years and have shot many deer. I have shot a few nice bucks as well. One thing I have noticed is that when I am rifle hunting I usually get no adrenaline just a bit of a rush after the shot. However, when I am bowhunting, man do I get a TON of adrenaline, even if I just hear a deer. I must admit I do have a bit of general anxiety so I am a bit edgy to begin with. I usually have plenty of encounters with deer during the season, but this year I havent had many, but tonight I had quite a few deer around within range but no shot, my heart was POUNDING to say the least!But the few encounters Ive had this year are all the same alot of adrenaline and shakes.I dont mind a little adrenaline rush but it kinda seems crazy lately and my question is to see if any of you guys come unglued when you see or hear deer (doesnt matter buck, doe or fawn)to the point where you wish it wasnt so bad, and if so what do you do to control it? I love to hunt and spend as much time as i can in the woods,but i would like to get some pointers on how to control my self when I hear a twig snap.
  11. i personally like the spitfire pros. they always leave an impressive hole ( 1 1/2 in. hole not a slice) last year i switched to rage and had a bad experience. good entry (about 3 1/2 inch slice!)and exit wound right benind the shoulder but virtually no blood,all the blood was sealed inside, but i was lucky enough to find the animal. have a friend had same thing happen but wasnt fortunate enough to find his. this could be the result of shooting them on the ground i have yet to see the results first hand from a tree, looks like the guys on tv dont have a problem. i dont want to make them sound terrible obviously enough people have great success with them. I am going to switch back to the spitfires but i think im going to try the new MAXX i have also been looking at the new phathead SOB's.
  12. awesome! thank you. The only downer is i am limited to my only outing this sunday and it looks like a stiff NW wind. Do you have any suggestions for a launch or area that may offer some protection? I was going to stop at bark bay and maybe bodins to check those out, i just wanted to try to avoid driving around all day looking for a place to fish.
  13. Ok thank you! I was looking at bark bay too but have never been there before same with the resort but I will look them up.thanks again!
  14. I was watching your most recent video on your site and heard you mention that red cliff and bayfield launches are closed. I always launch at sand bay, but this year I am limited to one day up there and if I can't get out of that launch via ice or wind/weather are there any other options close by aside from corny or port wing, one that may offer some protection from the elements?
  15. Just wondering if anyone has been to the little sand bay launch recently? I was wondering if it is open yet or maybe a educated guess on when it might be possible to get out there. Can't wait to get out! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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