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  1. cedarnarrowsguy

    Manitou Report

    I might be looking for a place to stay two nights this fri & sat. We have sleds, portables, food, all gear....just need two beds...I know its short notice but thought I would ask. Thanks.
  2. cedarnarrowsguy

    Manitou Report

    Hey outfitter, I might make a quick trip up this weekend. If I do I'll probably stay fishing on the stretch. Any recent reports? ice conditions? If you are around I would stop in to say hi......leaving early friday, hopefully here from ya. Thanks
  3. cedarnarrowsguy

    Manitou Report

    I would like that.....we'll keep in touch on this site.
  4. cedarnarrowsguy

    Post January Morson reports here

    First of all, its great you mad it, to tell about it. For me half the fun is the "extreme & adventurous" conditions that exit up there. Catching fish is just a bonus. Great story....it reminds me of a few slush rides. One thing for sure...most people from down south don't have a clue what that kind of slush is like.
  5. Great photos!! I can't tell you how hard it is on a guy down in the cities, to see the awesome backdrop, while catching those lakers. I can only count the days to the next trip.
  6. cedarnarrowsguy

    Canadian Lake Trout Lakes

    My vote would be Manitou. Contact Outfitter about lodging etc,,,I've fished Crow as well, and had a great experience at Muskie Bay Lodge. The owner Paul is a great guy. My opinion, you have a better chance at a big one on Manitou. Whitefish Bay (LOW) is also a great laker fishery...I've never fished it, but heard good reports there. Big fish...be sure to check regs. Good luck!
  7. cedarnarrowsguy

    Manitou Report

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll look for your post.
  8. cedarnarrowsguy

    Manitou Report

    How's the ice making progress this year in the Manitou area? Was the lake & stretch froze before the snow? How much snow? Thanks!!
  9. cedarnarrowsguy

    Report from Manitou/Camp Manitou

    Outfitter...you have mail.
  10. cedarnarrowsguy

    Non-Resident Youth's Under 16

    Thanks Guys...that is what I was told today when I spoke to the MNR.
  11. Can anyone tell me there experiences or the requirements for non-resident youths (under 16)hunting in Ontario ? Is this possible with a Minnesota Gun Safety Cert? Thx
  12. cedarnarrowsguy

    Report from Manitou/Camp Manitou

    We saw a bull elk a couple years ago. I've heard most or all of them have collars? Did you get a good look?
  13. cedarnarrowsguy

    Report from Manitou/Camp Manitou

    My father-in-law, his brother, and son and myself. We all put up the money when we bought the 88 acres and built the cabin. He mentioned to me you guys talked last year. He's up there quit a bit now that he's retired. He hangs out with a few guys from the fort. I'll look for you and give a shout on the radio.
  14. cedarnarrowsguy

    Report from Manitou/Camp Manitou

    If I'm on Essox,Manitou or Straw I'll be in a 17.5 Deep Water with a 40 Yamaha. (Blue in color) I hope to get up mid-sept, but for sure I'll be there for a week moose/grouse hunting in October.
  15. cedarnarrowsguy

    Report from Manitou/Camp Manitou

    outfitter, We made it to the stretch, but stayed south of you. We ended up with 5 trout and one nice jack. One of these days we'll hook up. The weather was great all weekend. (as you probably know) Now back in the twin cities, depressed about not being in the bush and reminising about what I was doing Thurs-Mon..........Hope to be back up in a few weeks.