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  1. I see you say team but will you allow a singles?
  2. I have 4 60 plus year old maples ( 2 red 2 sugar)in my yard. They are along the southedge of my property that abuts a fenced in natural gas station. I was approached today that they are wanting me to take the trees down as the leaves are blowing into there station are becoming a fire hazard. They are willing to pay for the trees and the removal as well as to put in bushes or a hedge in place. First off I do not want to take them down. They are beutiful rounded maples. I am wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with a eletric or gas company. I am hoping I don't have to get a lawyer to fight it nor do I know my rights as if i am responsible for a fire or nor do i want a gas explotion. This is on the edge of town no neighbors. He acted like i wouldn't be able to turn down there offer to remove the trees. Any advice?
  3. sheepheadslayer

    abu garcia vendetta

    I own 4 of them. 3 are 7'3" mh rods. The MH are not all that heavy but I like them for texas and football jigs. They are cheap and not that bad of a rod.
  4. 20 boats are in!! 5 full circuit spots left. There will be no jump ins now that 20 boats have been reached so get signed up for the year and lets get 25 boats.
  5. sheepheadslayer

    Okoboji Ice out??/

    Whats it look like?? Looks like the bay going into East is open on the camera?
  6. sheepheadslayer

    Okoboji Ice out??/

    See the car fell through on the Cam today. Any guess on when we will see open water? Mine is the 15th. Im hoping.......
  7. sheepheadslayer

    Out of state boat purchase and taxes?

    if purchasing from a dealer just have them right it up as a bill of sale. If the state you are purchasing from doesn't require tax on a used boat they will have no problem doing this. Also if it is used the title of the boat is probably still in the previous owners name and you can just take that to the dmv as a buying from the private party.
  8. sheepheadslayer

    venison tenderloin

    Had them fresh from a doe taken Sunday night. Fried in a little butter with onion. Dredged in seasoned flour. Could cut with a plastic fork and melted in your mouth. The hanging loins are great the key is get them out after you gut the deer. Rinse and put in a zip lock. If they hang in the deer for any amount of time they dry out and just through em in the trim tub.
  9. sheepheadslayer

    when a lake is on.. ITS ON!!!!

    Fished a tourney couple weeks ago. Weighed 21.70 and we got 4th!! 24.90 won. Sometimes they just go!!
  10. sheepheadslayer

    ultimate bass tour

    Yeah I heard Larry can't keep the chicks off. The other guy tho......
  11. The UBT has a good following because it is more laid back and most the guys that are in it have fished the circuit for years therefore most are pretty good friends. 20 boats is just about right if you get the right 20 boats in my opinion. Too many think it should be done this way or that way in other circuits. All I know is Gabby does a good job and makes it fun both before during and after the tourney, pay back is fair and you know exactly what it is and it don't change cuz the # of boats stays the same.
  12. There is still one opening for the Ultimate bass tournements I just found out last night. First one is Sat on Washington. Show up and you might be able to get in for the year. The lake has been off limits since past Sunday however. 5:30 am boat check.
  13. We can still do this league. How many guys just jump into a tourney. They still count. The problem is I don't think there is anyway you will get the permits through with such short notice. You have to make the decision now before there is no chance of permits. Make it so we can either know we are fishing or not.
  14. Spoke with the DNR yesterday and they show no permits for the days of these tournaments. Is this circuit going to happen?? Alot of people planned family vacations around tourney schedules hope that if it does happen the days are the same as whats posted. Being a month away from the first tourney i don't have much hope.
  15. sheepheadslayer


    The best tri tip you can get your hands on is a from a lil gas station in Medford MN. Trust me you won't regret it.