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  1. thank you for the detailed information. Appreciate it.
  2. Anyone own or have any opinions on them? Looking at a few right now and they seem to be priced cheap. Wondering on quality of construction (insulation, etc.). Thanks.
  3. Priced to sell quickly before the season. This custom house has provided 10 years of warmth and great fishing memories.  6 Angling Holes with covers (wind/slush protectors included)  Knotty pine glazed coated interior and trim  6 ft V front with custom made cushions for addition sleeping/storage  2x2 walls with insulated foam floor  Wired for 12v and 120  Outlets with power invertor box  2-burner cook top stove o 10 lb propane included  Two forced air heaters: o Suburban Forced air furnace with thermostat (2010) o 15,000 BTU Empire Heater with thermostat (2003)  Table/bunk with custom cushions folding into 2 person bed  Additional storage under bench seats  Pioneer stereo with 4 surround sound speakers  TV antenna with hookups (13 inch TV included)  Foldup Shelf Table  Cable Crank Wench Drop Tires  Newer Tires – 2011 (approx. 500 miles) Chanhassen - call or text serious inquiries to 612-269-3083 or 320-492-1230
  4. thanks guys yes, i'll probably just have someone look at it so i don't burn my boat down in the middle of the lake! I believe my warrior boat is wired to handle the 24 volt since it has the 12/24 volt flip switch at the controls but i could be wrong. The smoke was coming from the plug wire not the trolling motor wire possibly due to bad spice? I also had my 24 volt battery only running off of one battery and the control switch set to 12 volt which sounds like a big no-no? Definitely kind of electrically challenged. Thanks again.
  5. thanks for the response Cliff. I am not much of an electrical expert. My trolling motor is a 24 volt and i have the option for 12 or 12/24 volt on my warrior boat so wouldn't i want to run it as 24 volt? I think i had it set to 12 volt before.
  6. hi, I have a 70 thrust Minnekota tiller sytle trolling motor and my wires starting smoking and went haywire this morning while fishing. Question on the wiring: there is a black and a black/red cord coming out of the trolling motor that are jimmy rigged to a three prong plug in for the boat. The black cord is wired to the black on the three prong, the black/red is wired to an orange wire on the three prong, and then there is a red wire coming out of the three prong just hanging loose. Can someone please tell me if i need to wire the red on the three prong also to the black/red wire for the trolling motor similar to the orange wire? Any help is greatly appreciated...
  7. i agree with dougger. we've had ours a few years and love it when it works properly but have had some minor issues including the temp register. Try looking at your regulator air vents connecting to the propane tank. Ours froze up a few years ago and restricted the heat similar to what your are experiencing. We always loosely wrap a towel around our regulator vents now to prevent freeze up.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good electrician and welder near Chaska/Chanhassen? I need some work done on my fish house. Thanks!
  9. make sure your regulator vent is not clogged up. Also could have clogged gas lines. We've had a 15,000 BTU empire that has never seemed to get the pressure it needed. We tried eveything from cleaning the lines to cleaning the thermal coupler. I know others that have had this problem with some Empire heaters. Eventually, just bought a suburban heater which is nice but runs on a battery.
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