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  1. Woody Erickson

    Decided on a Frabill Magnum GT...any opinions

    I don't have the Magnum GT, but I do have a Frabill Thermal Guardian. I have been extremely pleased with it. I use it for spearing as well as angling. Biggest mod has been mounting downhill skis to it. Makes it easier to pull. I also use cheap carabiners (2 or 3) clipped to the top pole to hang a coleman lantern when rigging up a rod. The lantern also doubles as my heater.
  2. Woody Erickson

    connecting batteries in parallel

    I agree that if you want to connect up 2 batteries in parallel, the batteries should both be new and the same battery (ie - same part number). This is how I deal with the batteries in my truck. If you do want to use the batteries you already have, you should use a battery selector or a more economical solution, a simple SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw) switch. 1. Connect the negative terminals of the batteries and electronics together. 2. Connect the positive terminals of the batteries to the outer connectors of the switch. 3. Connect the positive terminal of the electronics to the center connector of the switch.
  3. Woody Erickson

    Need advice on a new ice fishing bag/rod holder...

    I'll second the HyCreek Revolution (aka - Stone Legacy Revolution). I have had one for ?? years. Very functional. I like to use the foam pipe insulators around the rods for extra protection against tangles.
  4. Woody Erickson

    Strikemaster Lazer Synthetic Hand Auger vs. Nils

    The flighting is about the same height on all 3 of their augers, since each one can be used as a hand auger and each one can be attached to the power head. I have the 4.5" / 6" / 8" Nils augers. It is fun to attach the 4.5" auger to the Tanaka power head. It is almost like the auger is free falling through the ice.
  5. Woody Erickson

    What do you prefer?

    Flip-over equals portability. Like already said, the tub is used for hauling equipment and gear is within arms reach away while fishing. Spring Bobber (St Croix Style). I have retrofitted most all my rods with these. The line doesn't ice it up as easy. The line does not get caught in it as easy.
  6. Woody Erickson

    Help me help a fellow fisherman.

    Google Mormyshka Jigs. I think this may be close to what he is looking for.
  7. Woody Erickson

    Ice Cleats

    I have left them on when loading the truck at an access, walking on both asphalt and concrete. It does not look like it affects them any. I have not walked in them for any significant distance on asphalt/concrete (ie blocks or miles), just the access / parking lot.
  8. Woody Erickson

    Snow skis on a portable sled?

    I had some 1 3/4 - 2" stainless bolts / washers / nylone lock nuts laying around. 3/8 " diameter if I remember right (I will check though). I used these type of screws - #8 Cabinet Screws 1 1/2": I found them at an Ace Hardware. I like them since they are fairly low profile and have a washer built in. The washer is nice because most skis you will find have a foam core, so the washer will compress the foam nicely down to the aluminum base. I recommend using a drill press when attemting to counter-sink for the screw head, so the drill bit doesn't grab and pull the bit through the whole ski. If you find a better process, let me know.
  9. Woody Erickson

    Snow skis on a portable sled?

    Mojo, I just added downhill skis to my Frabill Guardian sled. I should have done it years ago to my FT Guide that I had also. It pulls so much easier by hand now, which has been handy this year. I found a pair of the older style skis, straight ones. Can get them for free since everyone wants the shaped skis now. First I bolted four 10-12 inch 2x2's to the bottom, kinda like this: After drilling hole for bolt, I used a spade bit so the bolt head and washer were below surface of 2x2. I then screwed the skis to the 2x2's. Drill small hole for screw, then use a larger drill bit for counter-sinking: Sorry for the crude drawings, I don't have any pictures yet. So far so good for me!
  10. Woody Erickson

    Frabill Predator Owners...

    I have the Thermal Guardian. I use the slush from the holes to weigh down the 2 side flaps and the flap against the tub. Works great for me.
  11. Woody Erickson

    Thermal flip over portables

    I agree with the newer Frabill's. Bought the Thermal Guardian at the Ice Show. Reasons for this: 1. Seats! 2. Thermal! 3. Relatively Light 4. Will fit under the Tonneau Cover of my truck 5. Dark enough for me to spear out of it 6. $130 off MSRP 7. Bought the floor model (saving ? hours of setup) I did add a pair of old style (straight) downhill skis to it. I should have done this to previous portables I have owned. Makes pulling by hand very easy. And I can still close the Tonneau Cover, barely.
  12. Woody Erickson

    Items needed to spear

    I have the 9 tine. I like the extra width.
  13. Woody Erickson

    Spearing gear

    Try Axel's Tackle Box in Waterville. He has some of the new Bruell decoys as well as some from local carvers. Also has sucker harnesses. I spear out of a portable. Darkness isn't terribly important, depends on how much glare/reflection you can handle. I have found that mounting the cheapest and largest arbor fly reel to a spreader pole works good, as long as it has some drag to hold up your heaviest decoy. A carabiner clipped to the top pole of a portable works well. Anchor spear to carabiner. An ice saw isn't necessary. Auger holes close together, or overlapping, then chisel any remaining ice that may be between them. Last time out, I ended up with about a 3.5 foot by 5.5 foot spear hole. Got carried away with the power auger. It was like watching football on the big screen. I think I need to install a seat belt. When is the next GTG?
  14. Woody Erickson

    Homemade Spring Bobbers.

    Use google with: "DIY St. Croix-style Strike Indicator Spring"
  15. Woody Erickson

    Homemade Spring Bobbers.

    Get the rubber grommet 1st. Most any hardware store will have the 1/8" rubber grommets. I do not remember which size guide is needed. Take the grommet with when looking for single foot guides.