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  1. Have any of you guys that own a Miltona Blacksmith frame ever changed your cotter pins on the ends of your axle by where the wheels pivot? And if you have what size pin does it take?
  2. How many of you guys are leaving/taking your houses onto the ice this weekend? Haven't had my house out yet this year (6'6"x17' / 2,200 lbs)and Ive got the itch something fierce! But, I don't want any issues either with possibly sinking it. The lake I want to hit had a good 12" before this warm up. Would be pulling it out with a wheeler and back off the ice tomorrow. Where I live was 37 degrees yesterday and suppose to hit 43 today, but the wind is only suppose to be 10 mph.
  3. Checked a couple cams the other day and came across this. Thought its a pretty cool picture. Would have been a sweet site watching the yote stalk up on the squirrel!
  4. Didn't rough them up at all, the foam is extremely sticky and bonded great! Just wiped the dust off and sprayed it on. I let it cure for a few hours in the sun before I put them back in the house. 2 cans was perfect for 6 covers
  5. Took about 15 minutes and now I'm hoping for a warmer house when I have these covers on the holes that aren't being used. My floor is already insulated with 1.5" DOW board, so eliminating these cold spots should be great! Also kinda curious to see if it helps from the holes freezing up as fast when there on.
  6. The guy I bought the house from didn't store the house inside a shed, so the sun has beat them up pretty bad. The tread is still good, but a lot of cracking going on. Mainly piece of mind for me to put new tires on. Going to save the old tires and rims for spares.
  7. Been looking at the tires on my house all summer and finally decided to change them. They are 3 years old and are starting to crack and show some wear. So my question is what brand of tire do you guys go with? I currently have 205/75D15 Loadstars on there. Any difference in quality from Loadstar to Carrier Star tires? And for sure buying the rim and tire package, not just tire.
  8. I contacted them asking if they sell LED replacement bulbs via email, and I got a reply back saying they sell the bulbs. He didn't say anything about the fixtures. I'm going to give them a call and get the price. Be pretty slick for me since I only live 20 minutes away from the Montevideo plant
  9. I contacted ice castle and they sell replacement LED's. So does anybody use ice castles LED's? Just wondering if they are bright enough?
  10. Where is the best place to buy LED bulbs? I want to replace my 12v rv bulbs in my wheelhouse. I don't know much about LED's and have never bought them before so what do I need to look for? I have 3 fixtures in my house so six bulbs will need to be replaced. The house is 6'6"x17' so I want bright enough bulbs also. Thanks fellas!
  11. Thanks for the input fellas, I meant carbon monoxide and not carbon dioxide.
  12. You got it right Hawg, pretty tough blind nailing the 5/16". I ended up face nailing mine. Still looks great and shouldn't have to worry about any boards pulling loose.
  13. So what did you decide to do Harvey!? I always like to look at pics of different houses and try to get ideas of how to better mine. I finished flipping mine a couple weeks ago and the wife and myself used it last weekend for a mini camping trip. Very happy with the way it turned out!!
  14. Has anybody ever placed a detector inside the same cabinet as your heater is in (forced air furnace)? In the V of my house is where I've got my gas line coming in, furnace, and stove. Just think it would give some more piece of mind if I placed one in the cabinet where these potential leaks could happen. I'm also going to place one near the back of the house where the bunks are.
  15. Yep, if you like the color just add a polyurethane water based clear finish. It may darken the cedar a little bit, but it will "pull" the grains out of the wood and look great! Plus it will help protect from any moisture. This summer I put knotty pine in my house and did what I described above. Turned out great! I have 6'6"x17 and only put the pine on the walls. I put two coats on and one gallon was just enough. Good luck!
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