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  1. makes me sad to watch it on tv. i was there last year. but it will be fun to watch the 18 come from the back. i predict he will be in the top ten in thirty laps.
  2. hey airjer, my name last year in the beginer league was jasander5. I had the wrong name last year.
  3. i have a jiffy stx that has one big flat blade and 2 small ones on the inside that dig. i sharpend them with a file. it worked pretty slick, and i have never done that before. since then i have cut probably 40 holes through 2 feet of ice. still cuts great
  4. Marty Smith who i belive is with ESPN. The best are on sirius sat channel 128. Dave Moody
  5. you changed your tune a little Harvey. That's not what you said last April.
  6. WOW SledNeck, nice pic. Have not seen one of Jr's burn outs yet. You NAPA and I are the only ones i think.
  7. Catch him if you can. He has more talent, plan and simple. He is young and cockey, his whole generation is. How did you act at 23?
  8. I watched him in Vegas and he was the only one who would drive that car down on the apron. He put on a [PoorWordUsage] of a show, for a little while. Future champion is right. "Go Shrubby Go"
  9. ya it's me. I didn't use my member name, sorry. I was using "the pro" and you kept kicking me off. Then i read the directions a little better. And now i can play.
  10. Nextel paid Nascar 70 million a year for ten years. Thats a lot of money for the right to change there name.
  11. Yes the race was great. Had better racing in the Bush though. Hot Thursday and Friday, Cold Saturday Sunday. I should have brought sun screen. Can't wait to go back.
  12. I am leaving now. And yes it is expensive. Worst than i though. I will let you know Tuesday when I get back.
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