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  1. Justin Sander

    ROWDY SWEEP # 2 ??????

    I'd love to see it again.
  2. Justin Sander


    makes me sad to watch it on tv. i was there last year. but it will be fun to watch the 18 come from the back. i predict he will be in the top ten in thirty laps.
  3. Justin Sander

    Fishing Minnesota Fantasy Auto Racing (4th Annual)

    hey airjer, my name last year in the beginer league was jasander5. I had the wrong name last year.
  4. Justin Sander

    Sharpening my own auger blades.

    i have a jiffy stx that has one big flat blade and 2 small ones on the inside that dig. i sharpend them with a file. it worked pretty slick, and i have never done that before. since then i have cut probably 40 holes through 2 feet of ice. still cuts great
  5. Justin Sander

    who is the most annoying nascar commentator?

    Marty Smith who i belive is with ESPN. The best are on sirius sat channel 128. Dave Moody
  6. Justin Sander

    Who will do well?

    you changed your tune a little Harvey. That's not what you said last April.
  7. Justin Sander

    Fishing Minnesota Fantasy Auto Racing (4th Annual)

    All in ...Go Kyle
  8. Justin Sander

    Kyle Busch

    WOW SledNeck, nice pic. Have not seen one of Jr's burn outs yet. You NAPA and I are the only ones i think.
  9. Justin Sander


    Catch him if you can. He has more talent, plan and simple. He is young and cockey, his whole generation is. How did you act at 23?
  10. Justin Sander

    Kyle Bush

    I watched him in Vegas and he was the only one who would drive that car down on the apron. He put on a [PoorWordUsage] of a show, for a little while. Future champion is right. "Go Shrubby Go"
  11. Justin Sander

    Fantasy League

  12. Justin Sander

    Fantasy League

    ya it's me. I didn't use my member name, sorry. I was using "the pro" and you kept kicking me off. Then i read the directions a little better. And now i can play.
  13. Justin Sander

    NASCAR Fans- Be Warned!!

    Nextel paid Nascar 70 million a year for ten years. Thats a lot of money for the right to change there name.
  14. Justin Sander

    Las Vegas Motor Speedway

    Yes the race was great. Had better racing in the Bush though. Hot Thursday and Friday, Cold Saturday Sunday. I should have brought sun screen. Can't wait to go back.
  15. Justin Sander

    Las Vegas Motor Speedway

    I am leaving now. And yes it is expensive. Worst than i though. I will let you know Tuesday when I get back.