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  1. I need to start getting my brittany pup on some birds but I have never owned my own birds. What kind of birds do people recommend, barn or homing pigeon? If using barn pigeon, what's the best way to flush them without losing them? Clip wings? Tie string to foot? Do I need a launcher? Or can I get the bird to hold tight by another means? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to train starting ASAP with birds and my understanding is homing pigeons take awhile and some training to get them to return.
  2. My family is seriously considering getting a new dog. It would be primarily a family dog but I would also want to use it for grouse hunting and a little bit of duck hunting. I've had several labs in the past but am thinking I want to try something different. I do have 3 young children so it would have to be good with kids. I also am planning on having it indoors so hopefully shedding will not be overwhelming. I am leaning towards a Brittney, but have very little experience with them and have never trained a pointing dog. Does anybody have any advice or tips? Any other breeds I should be considering (my wife really likes the looks of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, but I'm not sure they're a good option for us)?
  3. I did get a chance to try a different transducer and found that is the problem, now I need to decide if I should spend $90 for a new transducer or just get an upgraded flasher. Any input? I only get out every few weeks right now so it probably won't get a whole lot of use for a few yrs until my kids are old enough to go out.
  4. I've never used them through the ice but I know that people catch a handful of suckers on them at the big jig ice tournament every year in Duluth and I have caught fish on Lake Superior fishing from shore with crawlers in the late winter when I'm sure the water temp is probably comparable to the lakes still covered in ice.
  5. I've been using my same vexilar for the last 10-12 yrs without any issues. Recently it seems to have stopped working correctly. At first it wouldn't read anything so i got a new battery. With the new battery it does seem to be able to tell when the transducer is in the water but it won't read depth unless I turn the gain almost all the way up and even when I do that I don't trust it is showing me the right depth because everywhere I go it says 15 ft even if I'm pretty certain it's wrong and even with the gain up it won't see even the largest jig in my tackle box. Is my flasher just at the end of its life? Or can I just replace the transducer or some other component?
  6. I know there are pros and cons and this might spin out of control, but what do people think about increasing deer numbers by feeding them? I hunt the northwoods where there is no agriculture and the deer numbers drop from a handful to very few as winter arrives. I'm thinking a strategically placed feeder might be enough to keep them around all winter and hopefully increase the number of deer that consider my property home come next spring/summer/fall. I would easily be able to check and add more food 1-2 times per week.
  7. What's everybody's strategy for hunting wolves? I have wanted to get into predator hunting for nearly a decade now and now seems like a perfect chance. I still haven't quite decided if I am going to apply, but if I do it will be for the late season. My biggest questions are what size rifle is required to take down a wolf without destroying its hide? Would you use this gun on a smaller animal (ie fox) if that came into your setup or would you carry 2 guns or just pass on smaller animals? If you do get a wolf, what are your plans for it (rug, mount, sell, etc)? Do you think calling will be effective even though you can't hunt them at night? What type of calls do you think will be most effective? I realize the chance of shooting a wolf is still pretty slim and this is new to everybody, but just curious what everybody's thoughts are.
  8. Thanks for all the tips, she really liked the idea of bringing a camera with a trying to take some fun pictures. I went out today and bought a new blind and set it up in the garage. She really started getting excited about everything when I made her go sit in the blind with me. I'm hopefully gonna get it put out in the next week or so then I'll just have to impatiently wait until we can get out hunting!
  9. My wife always in really interested in hearing about my time in the stand whenever I get back from bowhunting. This year I put in a new food plot on her parents' land and all the talk of hunting this summer has peeked her interest enough she wants to come sit with me a few times this fall. What advice would anybody have for physically hunting side-by-side with somebody? I've always hunted from treestands, but I don't think things would end well if she was in a stand with me and the tree starts swinging in the wind. That leads me to thinking I will be experimenting with a ground blind. I can put one out anytime as it will be on private land, but what do I need to consider when looking at blinds? What about trying to draw a bow and manuever in them with 2 people, does that start to get tricky? Finally, any advice on particular blinds? I'm hoping to keep price down as I could easily see her going once or twice and getting bored and not interested in going again and the blind would likely just sit in storage after that.
  10. I did my first one probably 7-8 yrs ago and planted rye on it late in the summer with good results. It was probably only 15ydsx30yds in size, and never looked that great, but I did take a few deer off it. I only hunted it for a few yrs and ended up moving. I just recently found a new spot that I'm planning on making a plot soon on. Hoping to get it all cleared out in the next couple weeks then plant most likely a rye/clover mix in it in the middle of July. I'm getting excited to start this project. What are other guys food plot plans for the year? Have you started yet, or are you planning something soon?
  11. I've always hunted from a canoe, but the last few seasons I've been contemplating buying a duck boat to explore some bigger water and to get a break from paddling everywhere, the only issue is I have no idea the difference between a good and bad duck hunting boat. Does anybody have any tips for what to look for and to avoid when buying a boat?
  12. My wife bought a 2011 Ford Escape over the summer. She brought in in for its first oil change a few weeks ago and when she got back in her car it said something about MyKey Activated. She soon found a screen that said max speed 80 mph and she could not turn the radio up. We've looked into it and I guess it is a new safety feature intended for parents to use with teen drivers, but we now can't figure out how to turn it off. The manual says to use the administrator key to set it and turn it off, but she has only used one key the whole time she has had it. She could use her 2nd key to bypass the MyKey for now, but if that somehow got programmed to she would be SOL. Does anybody know how to fix this? Also, does anybody have any idea how this gets set from an oil change? Is this going to happen every single time she gets her oil changed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  13. I've only used a climber once that I burrowed from somebody else just to try, it was quick to get up the tree, but it got caught on everything when I was carrying it in and needing a perfect tree really limited where I could hunt. I really like hang-ons for their versatility. I throw 8-10 strap on steps in my bag and I can quickly and quietly get up any tree I want no matter how many limbs, big/small, or straight the tree is.
  14. I just saw that the inaugural Minnesota crane season is now complete, but I really have heard hardly anything about it except when the DNR announced its approval. Did anybody take advantage of this???? Any good stories or pics???? I'm really curious to hear how well this season went.
  15. You're probably gonna get a bunch of guys saying any type of nymph and probably some really cool looking ones they tie specifically for carp. My personal favorite type of fly for carp is a simple yarn egg fly. Just google "yarn egg fly" or "glo bug" to see what one looks like. I really like them for their functionality. Very Very easy to tie, which is nice if you fish places like me that it's easy to lose a fly. A second very nice thing about them is they are very bright and easy to see. I tend to fish in water not exactly clear and the carp are light biters, so when I cast to a carp (I usually only sight fish) and the fly disappears I set the hook and normally into a fish. Have fun cause carp on a fly is a blast
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