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  1. I own an 8x16 house with a few other guys and we and put computer fans in it last winter. It may have been overkill, but we put 6 fans in the house (one near each corner and one at the midpoint of each of the longest walls). All of the fans are mounted about half way up the walls, and are at about a 45 degree angle (angled with air blowing toward the floor). We found that this keeps the air moving enough to keep our holes open and feet warm. We wired all of the fans together, and attached alligator clips so that all six fans turn on once the clips are hooked to a battery stowed at the front of the house. The fans use very little juice and are so quiet that it is hard to tell whether they are on.
  2. I use a 12V deep cycle to power two florescent lights, a tv, a satellite receiver and 4 computer fans. As long as I have two batteries on hand, I've never had a problem with running out of power. This is my first year with the fans and satellite dish, so I'm not sure exactly how long everything will run on one fully charged battery, but so far it's looking like 6+ hours. Last year I regularly got 10+ hours from a single deep cycle battery running the lights and tv. In my opinion, the hassle of hauling batteries to/from the fish house is justified when considering the noise that I'd be subjecting myself and everyone around me to with a generator. I've heard that newer honda generators aren't quite as loud as others, but I still haven't checked one out myself. It sounds like you already bought a generator. If you find that it is too loud for you, I remember reading on this site a while ago about an insulated box that someone made to keep his generator in. This apparently dampened the noise quite a bit. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for all of the input. I decided to pick up a mille lacs 2-piece ice chisel last night. Although I saw it online for over $70, I found the same one at gander for $45. I tried it out at the fish house last night and I can't say enough good things about it. We previously had a fairly heavy spud bar, and it took a few minutes and quite a bit of effort to do a good job chipping out holes through 10+ inches of ice. With the mille lacs chisel, I opened the first hole in about 30 seconds. It worked so well that I even enlarged all of the holes in the house with very little effort. Unless there are other spud bars out there with similar blade designs, I can't imagine that anything else compares.
  4. A few days ago one of the guys I own a fish house with decided to use our spud bar as a pry bar and busted the end off. He opted for a cheap replacement initially, but as one friend put it, "we would be better off using toothpicks to chip our holes out, so lets return it and get something worth more than the $5 he probably spent on it". We regularly chip through 12+ inches of ice in 8 holes, so we are looking at quality and speed more than price. With this in mind, does anyone have any recommendations?
  5. I have an opportunity to purchase one of these for $275. The unit is new in the box, but is from a 3rd party vendor, which voids the Marcum 1-year warranty (the seller checked it out). The seller is offering a 30 day warranty. I'm wondering whether anyone knows of potential problems with this arrangement. Is it very likely that a defect could reveal itself after 30 or more days of use which would render the unit useless? I'm just trying to get an idea of how much risk I'm exposing myself to. Thanks for any input.
  6. anyone had a chance to try it out yet this winter? reports?
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