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  1. IMO you have to slow down a bit and take your time reeling these fish up from these depths or they will die everytime. I see it happen all the time on Lake of the Woods with Saugers in 30' of water. When fishing with someone new I have to tell them to slow your retrieval down almost everytime. What's wrong is when people don't like keeping them as part of their limit and disguard them on the ice or in the snow. I understand the problem with the slot size makes it real tough on people keeping these. Just need to slow down pulling fish from these depths is all.
  2. It's a tough question to answer because one minute it can be safe and the next its not. I've seen it happen many times that way. Always use caution when fishing on ice.
  3. when your looking up at the hole and not down at it.
  4. about a months worth and got rid of it right away bought the Ice55 for a 2nd machine. Took a $200.00 dollars loss just to get rid of it.
  5. I’ve owned all of them and I have to say for Walleye fishing on LOW I would take a LX5 every time. I had a Vex FL22, FL20 & FL18 I thought the FL18 was the best of the three but still doesn’t compare to the LX5 MarCum. I recently purchased a ICE55 a good second unit but it has it’s problems also. Sometime I feel like it has a delayed response on the signal when trying to entice a fish or a slow signal reponse and I noticed a weak signal at a certian depth with it. Color is great with the large screen and the added 200’ range is a plus. But still for Walleye fishing I would take a LX5 hands down.
  6. Heres my Big Buddy Heater experience. Bought a big Buddy tank and hose without the coupler first worked first time than quit. Bought a Fliter $10. worked for a bit quit. Bought a quick disconnect hose $45. work a litlle bit quit. Was told the little buddies were better so I bought Two for more heat being a smaller unit. Well two more hoses $30. ea two more filters $20. work for a bit and quit. Spent countless fishing time working on these in the cold trying to get them to work cleaning pilot holes ect. Now I just use my sunflowers and open my vents or crack a door and enjoy my fishing. Why cant't someone invent a ceramic gas heater for a portable that works in beyond me. I've got a lot of money tied up in these Buddy heaters and I'm giving them away, their junk.
  7. I bought a 55 for $449.00 a week ago tax included which I thought was a very good buy new. This is the time of year to pick up your gear they hate carrying it over till next season. Good time to haggle for winter gear.
  8. That is my pet peev getting a tank filled and most places charge you a flat rate no matter how much you get. I found a place that just charges for what you get. I have two 10lb tanks and most times after fishing for a weekend its $6. to $10. for filling them. Upsets my son because he always pays a lot more around the Cities for the same tanks to be filled. Whats nice is you can always see what left in side the tanks so you know whats going on while filling them.
  9. Been using the tanks for two years now they are great. Everytime I fill them up all I hear is I haven't seen these before. One outfit offered me a new steel tank filled in exchange I just laughed a bit. You buy them on-line, best to buy two at a time for the savings they have on two and free shipping, (not cheap).
  10. I have two other Clams that I've had no issues with over the years. Just got a little unlucky with this one but they are replacing it and hopefully it will be just fine like the others. I like the Clam shelter easy to put up and down. I've owned Otters also and they have problems as well. Customer service is the big issue and I think they have handle this well, IMO.
  11. Called me this afternoon the new Command Post Thermal is on its way 3 days (not to bad of service)
  12. same here cut both Logos out and 6" of both zippers, sure is a shame to ruin a good tent that could be fixed fairly easily. Oh well done deal sent them a pic of the Logos & zipper just now.
  13. Yeah Bought mine at Thorne Bro's they said they don't have any more and to call Clam on mine because they won't be getting anymore this year. Still haven't heard from Clam. Fishing season will be finished before I get something taken care of. That's makes a guy think of a different make of shelter IMO. Good thing I have two others.
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