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  1. You can check with [email protected] He just replaced some rotten decking on my bow and stern decks. I don't know if he would build an extension... if not, he might know someone else. Jeff is in Shakopee.
  2. We've done several family vacations on houseboats in Voyageurs National Park and I've done several more with fishing buddies on LOW. With the right people, they are incredibly fun. We've enjoyed them so much we bought a houseboat on Rainy that we'll be launching the first time this summer. Our teenage daughters are thrilled! You can meet several houseboat companies at the upcoming sportshows.
  3. Places like Gander Mtn and Cabelas carry extension handles for elec trolling motors that can also be used with kicker motors. I bought one last spring for about $35, but am disappointed with it. From the catalog description, it has a "knuckle joint to enable convenient push-and-pulling steering, and also includes a lockout sleeve for converting to straight handle". I found it difficult to use with the joint, and the lockout sleeve is too flimsy and won't stay in place. There are also devices that link the kicker to the main outboard so the steering wheel turns both at the same time. A mechanical tie-rod is about $26, and a hydraulic connector is about $21. I don't have any experience with eithr of these. I have also not seen anything that handles the gear shift for the kicker.
  4. Bob O


    Just because someone shows up as anonymous does not mean they are not registered. I often clean out all the cookies on my computer, which means I don't get logged in automatically. I log in again when I want to post something.
  5. Ethan, Very sorry to hear about your Dad. I'll keep all of you in my prayers.... Bob
  6. Hooked a treble from a small crankbait deep in my thumb several years ago. Cutter on my needle nose was too weak to cut the hook from the lure, and the hook was too small and deep for the cutter to reach the individual tine, so I had to drive 30 miles to the hospital. Also knew of a kid that got hooked in the eyeball on a pontoon with other kids and one adult. So I always: 1) wear a fishing glove to handle fish so I don't get spooked when a fish flops unexpectedly; 2)always use a needle nose pliers to remove hooks; 3)always keep a wire cutter nearby (heavy duty enough to cut musky hooks); 4)always wear glasses/sunglasses; 5)almost always wear a visor hat when people are casting to help protect face.
  7. I love this Rapala commercial from a couple years ago: two fishermen are dancing on the shore to some beautiful classical ballet-type music. Shown about 1/2 speed, one twirls and kicks gracefully as he is picked up by the waist by his partner - its hilarious. After about 30 seconds, a voice calmly says "The new jointed shad raps are out - please try to control yourself." I have it on video tape. I wish they would have published it on their HSOforum.
  8. I've probably spent more time reading about Rainy and Vermillion than actually fishing them over the past few years, so I'm reporting more of what I've heard than what I've experienced. Both lakes have excellent reputations for walleye and smallmouth, and you would likely catch comparable numbers on both. I think the average sizes for both species are bigger on Rainy, but you have to release walleyes between 17" and 28" on Rainy. Muskies should be more plentiful on Vermilion than on the U.S. side of Rainy. I think the lakes may be comparable for northerns, but Vermillion does have a protected slot. Rainy has a good reputation for Crappies early in the season - I don't know about Vermillion. There are other differences in the regulations for sizes and numbers of some species that might have some impact on your plans. You can get the details from the DNR HSOforum. I think Vermillion has more/better opportunites for road accessible campgrounds. However, if you want to boat to a campsite, then Rainy has numerous incredible opportunities in Voyageurs National Park. I think it is close to 40 miles from the visitor center to the east end of the park. However, the fishing gets better the further you travel (for all lakes, its always better on the other side...). My guess is that you would have a somewhat better chance at finding a good campsite on Rainy than Vermillion if you are looking on Friday during a busy period. I expect the local guides on this forum will correct my errors and omissions.... Be sure to make your reservations for campgrounds and/or guides soon! Have fun.
  9. Ethan, Still no luck. Is anyone else able to send email to Ethan?
  10. Ethan, I'm trying to respond to your email from last night but it keeps bouncing back to me as undeliverable. Can you send me another and confirm your return address? Sorry I can't make the mystery event. I really wanted to, but my email explains why. Thanks.
  11. Dennis, Do you reset your homepage, and when you exit and open the browser again it goes right back to the rogue site? If so, the problem may be a security settings file used by Internet Explorer. Somehow it gets set to read only, and your changes are ignored. I can look for the filename and fixit instructions when I get home tonight if you want. Bob
  12. Aby and I are NOT returning next season. Aby wants to use her vacation time and money to travel to some other parts of the country this year. I can't make the first event due to my daughter's HS graduation. I will watch the board for opportunities to fill in as a sub for the other 3 events. I've really enjoyed the league these past three summers and hope to be back in 2005.
  13. Gunflint Pines on the Gunflint Trail is very nice. You easily search for their web site.
  14. Two winters ago I shopped hard for the T-8 at the Mpls Boat show. With one exception, all dealers said they were back ordered and could not guarantee by opening fishing. But Hallberg Marine had one in stock AND they quoted the best price. I had an excellent experience with them on the drop off, installation and pickup.
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