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  1. I don't keep anything of anysize if I am not going to fry them up that night or next morning. Those 3-7 pound females are the ones that should go back for sure. Keeping a big ol fish for the wall is better than keeping a younger one as it is past it prime reproduction
  2. I agree with northlanders Idea. Makes for easy clean up and squeejeing ice/water after drilling holes. Just get some carpet remnants or rugs to use in spots you want comfort after every thing is cleaned up and dried.
  3. I saw the show too. It was an old show from 1995. I actually remember watching when it first aired. The were fishing the Oahe system for Chinook or king salmon in late February. I believe they were fishing the dam side and not the tailrace judging by how close they were to shore. The guy Tony was fishing with was with The SD Fisheries who stumbled onto the idea of catching chinook through the ice when he examined the stomach of a chinook he caught earlier in the season that was full of smelt. They would first catch some smelt with small panfish rigs tipped with a waxie. They would then put the fresh caught smelt on a bobber rig just like you would ice fish for walleye with a shiner. They fish the tailrace in the late fall and also hear some catch them on a flyrod out of belly boats in the spring. I think the chinook population has been pretty steady on the lake, so I am sure some do it every late winter there. But like everything I'm sure correct timing is a must. It did look like alot of fun. Post it on the SD or ND forum and see if you can get more info.
  4. When you think you have a bite grab the rod and feel if something is there. You must be fishing for smaller fish? sunnies, perch or crappies? Any typical northern or walleye bite is a no brainer as far as telling your rod movement from the action of your minnow. I would just use a strike indicator (bobber) just big enough to keep your bait suspended. With a bobber you should be able to tell what kind of fish is biting, how fast it is taking line, how far etc....
  5. I would give it about 4 hours max to be on the safe side.
  6. Are there studs you can buy to install in any track? Or does the track have to be some special stud accepting track. Could a guy just screw in some short sheet metal screws into the rubber of the track?
  7. for mono? Nothing but Trilene XL or XT!!!!
  8. What should have he done to make the tackle? As you can see with the way both player's momemtum was taking them, the only way to make the tackle barring tripping the guy was by sticking his arm out somehow. would you have perferred a stiff arm to the chest, stomach or groin??? Maybe he should have tried to grab the jersey and pull him down? ONly Joey Browner "the strongest hands in football" could have done that. I don't think it was a intentional malicious hit. When you have only a split second to MAKE A PLAY! There is not a lot of time to think. I don't think letting Fergie go by untouched was an option Darius or his Jax coaches wanted. Temporarily paralyzed? And released after only one full day in the hospital? C'mon!!!! A little theatrics with the thumbs up the ENTIRE way across the field makes me a little suspicious too!
  9. Look for weedy flats next to deeper water. set up on top of the drop leading to deeper water. I like 6-13 FOW. Drill or chip big holes so you can see down your hole well. tip a small jigging rapala with a waxie or worm, and jig just under the ice 1-3 feet down. packs of rainbows will cruise the edge of these weedy flats insearch of bugs and minnows. Try to be able to see your jig down hole at all times as they will sometimes just mouth the bait with little indication of a bite. Its is quite fun to visually fish for them this way. Good luck
  10. Here is another pig from alberta. scroll down to the guy with the blue shirt. Reportedly gross score of 220 as a 5x5. www.bowsite.org/bowsite/tf/bgforums/thread.cfm?threadid=303408&forum=4
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