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  1. zrmo440


    Found this shed yesterday. It was sitting right next to a heavily used deer trail. Hard to see things without any snow cover!
  2. zrmo440

    any good tips for bear hunting?

    A friend contacted the managers at his local SA and Holiday gas stations. He would pick up the donuts, cookies, and pastries that they were going to throw out because they didn't sell. It worked well for him!
  3. zrmo440

    Shooting Deer Illegally OK with Director

    I don't see why he needed to come out and say it like that. If its generally understood between hunters that they are going to shoot a deer 5 minutes before legal shooting time, then shoot the deer. My point is that the non hunting public is going to read it as a blatent violation of the law. I just dont think its the right thing for the leader of a hunting organization to say.
  4. zrmo440

    Shooting Deer Illegally OK with Director

    You would think that it has too have been misinterpreted. I can't imagine someone from MDHA coming out and blatently saying that.
  5. Originally Posted By: Take 'Em..... sand lake refuge is your best bet if you come after march 20 is north of aberdeen and holds huge amounts of birds Take 'Em, I am thinking of heading out that way with a few buddies sometime after the middle of March. I thought I read that Sand Lake refuge roads don't open up til April 1? Can you hunt the refuge? How is the hunting pressure in that area? Is it hard to get permission from the local farmers to hunt in their fields? This will be our first snow goose adventure, so I'm a bit wet behind the ears!
  6. zrmo440

    Snow Geese

    Good luck! Post some pics if you come into some birds.
  7. zrmo440

    Pup bites when my back is turned.....

    Thanks for the help Labs. Ill let you know how his progress is....
  8. My 5 month old Chocolate Lab will bite at my jeans or jump up for my jacket sleaves sometimes when I take him out. Its only when my back is towards him. He usually does it right away when we get out and it stops after a few minutes. I know his teeth are bothering him, he has a little gum bleeding and is constantly chewing on toys. Is this behavior a reaction to being excited outside or some form of aggression I should be concerned about??? Thanks.
  9. zrmo440

    Private Land...People acting like it's public

    kingfisher1 "What we do at our cabin is we put up no tresspassing signs every 50 feet as well as a single strand of thick, visible wire about chest high." I hope you are being sarcastic about the chest high wire??
  10. zrmo440

    Public land...people acting like its private

    I agree with BobT. If someone is in or near a stand that you built or have been using for years, thats too bad. Its public land and you need to give the person the respect to hunt. Too bad they got there before you. Cootz. My Great Grandpa and Grandpa hunted Minnesota for years. My Dad did not, so I didn't have that land connection and got introduced to hunting by friends in my early 20's. I would respect your hunting rights if I came upon you in the woods and you were already out before me. But why does the fact that your Dad and Grandpa hunted public land give you any more control over the land then myself or other hunters if we happen upon the same spot? I realize its a touchy subject and would never infringe on someone's hunt. But with no family tradition Im just out trying to find a spot to hunt in the woods.
  11. zrmo440

    Public land...people acting like its private

    UMDSportsman....is your spot up off of Three Lakes Road. There was a guy in a green Chevy that bow hunted where we were and said the same thing that you had.
  12. zrmo440

    Snow Geese

    That would be hard to pass up!
  13. zrmo440

    Albino Moose

    Only in pictures. That Moose looks amazing.
  14. Last deer season I hunted north of Duluth a little bit. We hunted some public land that I had hunted a few years back during college. This year, on the last saturday of the season a group of 4 hunters pulls up to the spot. Talked to them for a little bit and they say how their family has been hunting here for 4 generations and that they have put up over 150 stands during that time. I respected the fact that they have hunted there a while, but it was frustrating. Its PUBLIC land. If it was that important to them, they should have bought private land 4 generations ago. Have any of you ran into this and what have you done in this situation?
  15. zrmo440

    Benefits/Drawbacks of Two Dogs?

    The wife wants another pup??? Its a no brainer! Go ahead and get the new puppy.