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    Thank you guys for responding. I really appreciate everyone's input on what has worked for you guys in the past. I've jotted down what you guys have said and am anxious to get in to talk with the vet about trying something new. Thank you. :-)
  2. Bexter


    I have a GSP with allergies. Last fall the vet put her on prednisone and it helped - but there were such horrible side effects and we ended up pulling her off the prednisone in October. She had been doing just fine the last two months, but now is starting to show signs of allergies again (itching, scratching, watery eyes, etc). Does anyone have any experience of dealing with dog allergies with something other than prednisone? Thanks :-)
  3. I can say that we've used Glacial Ridge in Glenwood for boarding our dogs in the past - they are so very good with them!! Highly recommended. We have a special fondness for Jean, the veterinarian there. She was the vet in Melrose and fell in love with our choc. lab., Sadie. Years later, Sadie had moved up here with us to the Duluth area and Jean ended up moving to Glenwood eventually and we decided to board the dogs there in Glenwood one weekend - Jean actually went in and visited with Sadie after hours one day because she always liked her and hadn't seen her in many years. I thought that was so sweet. She's a very caring vet.
  4. I work in the insurance industry. Unfortunately in Minnesota there is "strict liability" as far as dogs go. So yes, it may be against the law for the jerk that shot the dog (and I hope they call the authorities on this) to shoot the dog., but actually the jerk who shot the dog could technically go after the dog owner's homeowner's insurance to try to get money for the property damage (the hole and I know this sounds redicioulous and in my opinion it is - but you wouldn't beleive how often we see this here at work!) The guy who shot the dog would not be protected by his insurance company as it was an intentional act - specifically excluding coverage. I just don't understand how someone could shoot a dog like that! Reading this story makes me SO VERY ANGRY!!!! I hope that guy gets in trouble for shooting the dog.
  5. Bexter


    You can get Frontline at Wal-Mart but it's not as strong (or as good in my opinion) as the stuff you get from the vet. I just paid $40 for 3 doses (1 dose a month) at my vet. I think most vet places sell Frontline.
  6. Bexter


    I bought some Frontline from the vet last Friday. I asked him about the safety of the product. He explained that several years ago there was a safety issue with a certain chemical that was in Frontline. Apparently that chemical would get into the dog's blood stream and maybe could have caused some problems. However that chemical is no longer used in the Frontline that is on the market now days. This Frontline absorbs into the skin and does not penetrate into the blood stream so it's safe. Some dogs might get a rash from it I suppose, or some other kind of skin irritation. I imagine that some dogs have sensitive skin just like people. My personal opinion on Frontline is that it is a safe product. Just my two cents.
  7. Congratulations on your new pup! There's nothing better to put a smile on your face than a pup. Glad to hear that everything is going okay.
  8. Here is a favorite side dish (and an easy one) that we enjoy for a shore lunch. I take a bunch of potatoes, slice them up into chunks, an equal amount of onions chopped up with a couple tablespoons of butter stirred in the mix and then I put seasoned pepper and seasoning salt in the mix. This is very versatile. You can throw it in a casserole in the oven, a bowl in the microwave. Of course we normally put it in foil and do it on the grill or over an open fire. It's great! And easy! A can of baked beans goes over pretty good too.
  9. Bexter

    Lymes Vacc

    We just lost our chocolate lab last December due to Lymes Disease. She did not have the vaccination (kick myself for not getting that for her) In my opinion, the vaccine is worth the money. It really doesn't cost that much when you look at the big picture.
  10. I don't have a tri-tronics so I can't help you there. But I do have an Innotek Free Spirit collar and I have to rub the red dot stick on the hand-held with the red stick on the collar and that turns it on. Anyone ever seen a set-up like that before? I thought it sure was different.
  11. Bexter

    Tanning a coyote

    A5 - good luck with whatever you decide. It sure is something that I've wanted to learn. KoWalleyski - thanks for posting that info. I'm printing it off right now! :-)
  12. I'm so sorry to hear about the accident. The story about your little one being afraid that God would take the dog away put a tear in my eye! About the dog's appettite - I would think that's pretty normal following something so traumatic. I would at least call the vet and get his/her perspective on the appettite - they might be able to recommend a few things to help your dog out in that department while on the road to recovery. Good luck! I hope your buddy heals up fast.
  13. I wouldn't worry about it either. Mine had a dry nose for a short period of time when she was a pup. It was a phase - she grew out of it. I would be concerned if it really started peeling and/or became infected or something - but if it's just dry I wouldn't worry.
  14. Your story brought tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. You are right - they are a member of the family and my heart goes out to you. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.
  15. I had a lab that I had to put to sleep (two months ago today actually) - she was agressive - but never bit anyone. We had to put her down because she was 15 and had some bad tumors that had taken over her body. The day we brought her to the vet for her final appointment, the dog hopped from the bck seat to the front - her foot got caught in the popcan holder in the front of my car - she squealed and when I tried to pull her foot out of the popcan holder she bit me. This the ONLY time she had ever bitten me and it was becuase she was in pain - it was a reflex on her part. Had it been two years ago and this same scenario happened (except that we wouldnt' be taking her to the bet for her final appointment) - and her foot got caught in the popcan holder and she yelped and then bit me when I tried to help her - I would not have put her down. Again - you are in a super tough situation - but if you think that the dog bit out of reflex I would not put the dog down - if the dog bit out of just plain old agression, and you've had this problem before - you may want to consider have the dog put down. Keeping you in my thoughts - this is a tough decision to make!
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