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  1. milnortech

    Ice house that fits in trunk

    the eskimo ice tent 189$ fits on a small sled with all your other gear and fits in the trunk.
  2. milnortech


    and that being said wow what great fans we have here in mn ripping on the best part of our team the deffense when they do well and get points.
  3. milnortech

    grindstone help

    sometimes during ice season you can catch some nice browns working the tops of the humps on the north end.
  4. milnortech

    Practical Joke

    tell him the fishings best at night and have him catch some eelpout make sure he reaches down and grabs the fish to bring it in so it wraps around his arm.
  5. milnortech

    Childress and his west coast offense must go

    what wr's did you meen wdroppers ???
  6. milnortech

    Bears vs. Vikings

    I agree with you. the bears havent even faced a good defense yet this year. Ill take the vikes 24 to 10
  7. milnortech


    he just didnt have enough protection. the offensive line was terrible. the receivers were not in there routes. what else did they say when he was here ???
  8. milnortech

    Gonna make some mad....Long but worth a look!

    actually what I think hes trying to say is that the franchise was heading in the wrong direction and this is what was needed to turn it around.
  9. milnortech

    Thanks Brad

    If you think brad layed an egg the last two games you didnt watch the offensive line colapse on almost every down.The way it looks to me is the offense needs to start from scratch.The QB'S aren't the problem.
  10. would you be interested in trading a 10" chipper bit for your laser bit?
  11. milnortech

    Brad Johnson

    The offensive line was colapsing with all the blitzing and no intersepetions no fumbles. tell me culpeper would have done that.
  12. milnortech

    Brad Johnson

    139 qb rating 110 qb rating last week .Hes horrible throw him out.
  13. milnortech

    Brad Johnson

    THe beginning of this thread was A hatefull attack on brad johnson. Mostly we are trying to say brad is doing a good job.
  14. milnortech

    Brad Johnson

    Dauntes best year he coughed up the ballan average of 1 time per game ether by fumbling or interceptions.brads qb rating ranges from 75 to 92 for the years he played more than 11games in the season. with an over all rating of 84 is that bad.daunte coughed up the ball 31 times during the 2002-2003 season last two years were better but not good. why do these people not see this.because of the long balls bombs for tds? His running the ball? after this injury he is going to have to stay in the pocket . if he is even able to return.Why cant they see that brad is better for the team at this point than daunte. Yes we need to get another qb but brad is doing ok for now this is the same mentality that got rid of brad for cunningham what a bad mistake. an average qb with intelligence is worth more than agreat physical qb.....
  15. milnortech

    Brad Johnson

    If your qb gives up the ball 2 times a game on average that is potentialy 14 pts per game how can you win like that? that is just one team member. Throw in 2 fumbles from the rest of the team you lost the game. If I saw daunte improving on his mental game I would agree but that hasn't been the case.BJ gets rid of the ball faster than daunte and reads coverage faster daunte dosen,t read the field quickly and needs more time. If you watch these games he lost he had just as much time in the pocket as brad has in the last 4 games. His mental game is not there.