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  1. Well the area that i am hunting has plenty of good sign including a recent scrape 20 yards away and another within sight. The thing is ever deer that i have seen has been either in that 1/2 hour before sunrise or after sunset. I haven't seen any during day light. How can i get on these deer during light hours? Maybe get them on their trails earlier. Well hopefully the rut will start pushing them around. I'll have to hit it hard this week. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I was wondering if anybody had any tips for bow hunting the big woods. I live in Duluth and hunt big woods public land and am struggling. Been out 12 or so times this year and struck out so far. There is lots of sign but no deer during shooting hours. Any hints on what to look for to get a pin on one? I got plenty of time and patience but i guess i may just lack the know how. Thanks a lot and good luck.
  3. They catch them upwards of 17" round here. Check out the Photo Sharing heading on the main forums page. There are some huge slabs on there. Biggest i've caught was 14.5", but my neighbor once got a 17.5" on mille lacs years ago. Nothing better than a bunch of slabs!
  4. Thanks for all the advice. Everybody has there favorite area and it seems like everywhere is somebodies favorite.
  5. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on a canoe route in the Bdubs. I'll be in a group of 4-6, most likely for the first or second week of June. I want a little adventure and am still young enough to trek a ways. I have been around moose lake/ensign area for the past couple of years and want to see some more remote country, also fishing is a must. Thanks and good luck!
  6. i love my fl-8 but would like to upgrade to the fl-18
  7. I saw it a couple of weeks ago as well. My favorite part was a shack on Mille lacs the had a 20 gallon or so aquarium in it full of shiner minnows for bait! Great show.
  8. My best luck comes on downsizing (smaller than you would think) and to just quiver the jig. Also many times i won't even feel the bite, its too light. In these cases make sure your hook is very sharp and slowly lift your jig to feel any weight. Good luck.
  9. If its sunny outside and above oh say like 15 degrees try painting a bobber or something that floats black and putting it in the hole.The heat from the sun should keep your hole free of ice. It only works thought to a certain temp. Good Luck.
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