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  1. DaveC

    Fave swim jigs?

    Super K Fishing swimjigs all the way, 5/0 Gamakatsu hooks, hand tied, hand poured, hand painted with two coats of lacquer and matching weed guards made by one person so the quality is simply great. Gregg will hand tie any color at no extra cost and at $3.00 a jig it doesn't get much better. Here are a couple of my favorites.
  2. You are asking a question that no one HSOforum has the answers, there are two websites that cover bass tournaments in MN. Do a web search of tournamnets in MN Both are open submission web sites, that means the directors or the angler's fishing the tournaments submit the schedules. That being said not all bass tournaments sumit there schedules. Also there are many leagues that fall into a no D.N.R. permit needed class, also there are two federations in MN the two are the T.B.F and the MNBFN these two organizations do not get permits except for there State Championships. Your best bet to get all the permitted bass tournaments in MN is contact the MN DNR and request all permits for the year (I beleive it cost $10.00) go thru all the permits and count how many are bass tournaments. The last number I heard for 2008 (If i remember correctly) was 480 open water permits. These are all not bass tournaments.
  3. Great idea goblueM, maybe the promoter of this "bass tournament" will consider this type of format.
  4. Note from admin, please read forum policy before posting again,thank-you.
  5. Maybe the Scorpion tickets aren't selling well because everyone will be attending Misfits and MotorHead Sept.12 at the Myth.
  6. I agree Josh Douglas would be a good.
  7. DaveC

    Gitty time

    That is an awesome video, never gets old.
  8. There will be no Angler's Choice Glacier Division. SuperDuty, take a look at F.O.M schedule, it is similar to the old Glacier Division schedule.
  9. Originally Posted By: katoguyDaveC, you are right. If there was no permit fee in the first place then there is no extra work for the DNR (it also makes my previous argument moot). It is just a way to gain revenue. I am sorry if I came off a little rash earlier. Wow katoguy, I haven't heard that in a long time With the no new taxes in MN. its all about user fees. If they want to target tournaments, how about they have a public meeting and tell tournament anglers what there goals are to promote sportfishing in MN. and ask us for our help. Grass root orgs. can do more with there own money and volunteers, than the D.N.R. could ever achieve. Theres no question the economic power of large National trails like B.A.S.S and the F.L.W, but they would rather tax us with usier fees than look at the bigger picture. This week end I will watch all 13 hours of the BassMaster Classic, the 2006 Classic generated 33 million dollars to the local economy. Now that is economic power.
  10. There is a simple reason why this $200.00 fee is wrong. The fees that are in effect as of now, has noting to do with restocking or creel studys. It was put in to effect to offset the cost of the amount of money the D.N.R felt they spent on prossing tournament permits. The new $200.00 dollar fee is a new fee to a user group that does not need to get permits, so this is not a what good for the goose, is good for the gander thing. It is a new user fee, a new tax.
  11. DaveC

    Bass Pro

    Originally Posted By: Saint Paul DanIn addition mall traffic litterally doesn't exist anymore at the MOA. Very interesting post, but every time me and my family goes to MOA its a zoo. St. Paul Dan is the traffic decrease a recent event?
  12. It can be a tough gig to be a director. I wish you the best of luck and hope you can double your goals for your charity.
  13. Originally Posted By: primetime49Dave C Best of luck primetime, looks like a great event.
  14. lookincalifornia, have you looked into the new Matt Newman signiture rod, buy Fig Rig Rods, I use Fig Rig for swimbaits, but bought mine before the Matt Newman rods were out.
  15. This is some information I received from the director . 2008 Super Slam Bass Tour Catch the Excitement! The mission of the Super Slam Bass Tour is quite simply to provide a tournament venue that is worth your time and money to fish. The tour will feature the largest payouts ever seen in a Minnesota bass circuit. The tour is a team format and teams must enter the entire circuit, this keeps the payouts stable and prevents local experts from entering just one of the tournaments on their home water. There will be five tournaments with no tournament of champions. Each tournament is a championship of it’s own with a $50,000 top prize! There will be a $5,000 bonus for the team of the year. The tour will feature state-of-the-art weigh-in equipment, first class weigh-in procedures and large trophies. With a laid-back atmosphere, huge payouts, and a preferred tournament format, it just doesn’t make sense to invest your fishing time, money, and effort anywhere besides the 2008 Super Slam Bass Tour! May 31st Woman Lake Chain DOK Holiday Resort June 15th Whitefish Chain Moonlight Bay July 12th Le Homme Dieu Chain Arrowood Resort Aug 9th Minnetonka Maynards Sept 13th Gull Chain Ernie’s Steakhouse *weigh-in sites are tentative and will be confirmed in early 2008. Anglers will receive confirmation. Payout per tournament based on a full field limited to 120 teams 1. $50,000 6. $3,000 2. $25,000 7. $2,500 3. $10,000 8. $2,000 4. $5,000 9. $1,500 5. $4,000 10. $1,000 Payout per tournament based on 70 teams Payout per tournament example based on the minimum of 70 teams 1. $29,150 6. $1,749 2. $14,575 7. $1,458 3. $ 5,830 8. $1,166 4. $ 2,915 9. $ 875 5. $ 2,332 10. $ 583 Points system 100 points will be awarded to the winning team, 99 for second, etc. There will be a $5000 bonus and trophies for the Team of the Year. Points system 100 points will be awarded to the winning team, 99 for second, etc. There will be a $5000 bonus and trophies for the Team of the Year. Alternates Each team member may use an alternate partner not more than two times during the tour. One member of the primary team must fish the tournament. The intent is to accommodate any scheduling conflicts. Tournaments fished with an alternate partner will still count towards the primary teams points standings Enter Now! Entry Fees and Deposits The entry fee is $5000 per team for the year – that breaks down to $500 per angler per event. A $1000 deposit per team must be received by Feb. 1st, 2008 in order to fish the tour. The balance due ($4000 per team) must be received by May 1st, 2008. You can send your deposits in with confidence. If the Tour does not reach the minimum number of 70 teams, the Tour will be cancelled and deposits promptly refunded. If the Tour reaches the minimum number of 70 teams, the deposit money is non-refundable. This is where you can help make the tour a huge success – if you like what you see here, tell all of your fishing friends about the tour and encourage them to participate! Any concerns, questions, or just to talk fishing, contact tournament director Brian Kastenbauer at 320-224-8433 or email at [email protected] . Tournament secretary – Brenda Halstead at 320-679-2207.
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