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  1. Do i need to buy a different transducer other then my ice ducer to use while i am fishing. We are doing a fly in trip in july, i think the boats only have a 9.9hp motor on them so we wont be going to fast. or can i just buy the suction cup thing i have seen for the ice ducer and stick that on the back of the boat. any and all suggestions and help appreciated. thank you rob
  2. don't really need to order poles, they are mainly 3/4" electrical conduit, cut to fit and and c-clips if needed. rob
  3. thinking about getting one of these to use on early ice so i dont have to bring out my big portable. Can anybody give me the good the bad and the ugly on these. thanks Rob
  4. I was the one to originally get these, I am sorry that the post was lost. They are wonderfully lights one will light up your shack well enough to fish. 2 if you want a back light. I ran a test when i got mine it ran on a vex battery for almost 3 days till it dimmed signifigently. this was on a battery solely dedicated to the light. I have not run a test on running it off my vex battery that is connected to my vex and light at the same time but i would guess probably a solid day to run both on one battery. Good luck to all and dont let the cost be a factory you will spend more money on a propane lantern over the life of this light. Rob
  5. I have maybe two to three issues with some of this.. I guess first off I never thought to tip a guide as i thought his prices were set by him. So would the tip not be included in the price? Now that being said I am well know for being a good tipper So if i did use a guide and he showed me some new tricks and maybe caught a few fish yes i probably would tip him 10-20%, but for most blue collar familes $325 for a half day trip is kind of a steep price for some one who makes $400 a week. So to then turn around after giving him $325 and giving him another $60-75 might be a little steep for a family that might have scraped up enough just to take a guide. Now I also have never used a guide as i have a boat that works perfectly fine with a really nice electronics set up. And all of that was paid with money from Bartending. As for the guy who said go to college and get a better job!!! Why? I know bartenders that make over 100K a year and they have college degrees. But that being said that is still know reason for being a cheap A$$. I do not expect a dollar tip on every beer that served but maybe a Quarter would be nice. A dollar on 2-3 beers is even ok. As far as claiming tips the government requires you to claim atleast 10% and if you do this this is taken from your 6.15 and hour so a 40 hour work check of 240 after claiming your tips can be like 10 bucks. I know many servers and bartenders that get checks for 0 after claiming tips. When is the last time a guide got a check for Zero after claiming all his tips. I would have to say never. I also do tip my plumber, electrician, carpet layer, and any other person that might come to my house and do me a service. I also tipped the delivery guy that just dropped off my new plasma tv 10 bucks and told him to buy him self some lunch. Rob
  6. A recent customer of mine told me about planking which i had never heard of in my 20+ years of fishing. So here it is. Take a 1/4" thick cedar board soak it in water for and hour or two to let it absorb the water. The start the grill place the cedar plank on.. Take the fillet (with skin on) put skin side down and cook till done, depending on thickness and all. the soaked cedar plank kindof smokes and broils and steams the fish all at the same time. It taste pretty good and is something different. Rob
  7. I was thinking of riveting the velcro on to the canvas, and riveting on to the tub also. When it gets warm i will try to do this and take pictures.
  8. I was just wondering if anybody has tryed to secure the flap to the side of the sled with either velcro, or snaps.. and by flap i mean the loose part of material that usually sits on the ground and where the canvas is attached to the sled. there is a gap in there and was wondering if anybody came up with an ingenious way (other then snow) to attach that piece to the sled somehow.
  9. i usually buy waxies and other larva in bulk, and put some in a small bait puck and leave it in the fridge, along with the big bait puck with the remaining bait. you do not really need to use a bait puck to store them in the fridge it is just handy and hard to smash. As far as the waxies you can store them in the fridge, in the container they came in. If you dont use them for awhile you should go through them to pick out the dead ones. this is what i have done for the last 5 years and has worked for me.
  10. The real problem is if you actually do it. This was a debate we had at x-mas of all things but when you start looking at licence prices for bordering states if you want to pay it then go right ahead, I know wisc is 50 bucks, i dont know what the other bordering states run, but alot of money to just stock up on fish, expecially when they are pretty plentifull right here in our own state.
  11. walldoggie

    Rush Lake

    7" of ice on rush, for further notice probably should post in the metro section or look there. Good luck catchen um
  12. I would have to say that house is the worst thing i have ever seen and you should Imediatly drive it to my house and leave it in my drive way, and i will take care of the rest for you. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS WOW, wish i could build like that. And even if i could my wife would break my thumbs so i couldnt. Great job.
  13. pathogen- yes you can hook them directly up to your vex battery, good luck and enjoy.
  14. vital- your neighbor the CO needs to back to CO school then. As i called the minnesota dnr and the wisconsin dnr fish and game division and asked them this same question and there answers were the same. As long as you bag and put your liscense # with the quantity and what type of fish. You are able to legaly posses a wisconsin limit, and a minnesota limit. This was a debate we had over x-mas, I at first thought as vital did, but i guess i should have listened to my elders as sometimes they do know best I just wanted to get a debate going, sorry if i sounded harsh vital.
  15. Party fishing is legal in minnesota, as long as you are within in visual and vocal range of your party for ice fishing. My thoughts is if you are planning a fish fry great law if you are not then not so much. As you could take 3 or 4 kids with that are able to hold and use a fishing pole and you could catch there limit while there are not actually doing much. If you are in a group of 3 or 4 guys and having some beers and one guy has a hot hole and catching most of the fish and you plan on going back and eating them when you are done more power to you. kind of a double standard I know. But then when it comes to fishing sometimes you have to ask yourself what you thing is moraly right? If your co-worker lives in wisconsin then it is illegal to party fish once you catch your limit you are done and have to sit and watch the rest of your group fish. Where this then presents another dilema if you only came to catch one species and you came with a group and you have caught your limit, most ppl would just start fishing for another species as to keep themselves busy thus draining more of the species out of that specific lake.
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