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  1. Hit my deek OFTEN... I agree with shamalex72... I get bored otherwise!
  2. Picked up my first "custom" decoys the other day... The realism is amazing when you actually see them in person! Can't wait to try them out on some monster ND gators!! Red/White Perch, ND Perch, Walleye, Northern, Crappie If you like them or are interested in some for yourself just give me a shout or ask below... (assuming I can't post it, "product pushing") Good luck on the Ice Fellas! Chad
  3. Who makes the best chip covering ND... Specifically Sakakawea but devils would be nice also! Thanks! Fish on boys!
  4. I understand this.. at the same time I like it and i feel like it helps some.. just want tO know what others do..
  5. I just received an order of new scent blocker and since the bags aren't tightly sealed do I take care of it as I do my older stuff and wash in scent blocker wash and hang it or should I just spray it with scent away and hang it?
  6. Funny you say that because when I first started shooting this bow I realized it was not NEAR as forgiving as my PSE x force.. After some shooting now I'm getting back into the swing of things and it is seeming to get easier to shoot each time I pick it up. As for the back wall.. That was a selling point for me, mine is rock solid on my 360 where as the Mathews bows I was shooting when I was choosing a bow were spongey unless you add there extra piece. I really like the bow, super fast, accurate, just not as "forgiving" as they lead you to believe. All in all... Great bow.
  7. Which rest is most effective when using arrows with "flu flu" fletchings for targeting small game and birds/ducks/geese..? Any other add ons that help when shooting Ariel game? Thanks! Chad
  8. Got the little man out for some practice.. 5 years old and lovin' it! Proud dad here!!
  9. New rig for the 2014 season .. (Don't know why the pictures are upside down)
  10. I'm in debate between the Bowtech RPM 360 the Bowtech Carbon Knight the Mathews Creed XS the Mathews MR5 and the PSE Full Throttle. I have not had time to shoot these bows yet beings I'm at work out in ND but I'm trying to narrow it down as much as I can without. I normally shoot 60 lbs and usually always hunt out of a stand.. For the next however many years I will be doing most of my bow hunting out here instead of MN and have a feeling it will mostly be spot and stalk. I have shot for years and am a pretty good shot with a descent form but still want a bow with as much forgiveness as possible. One thing I really like about the Bowtechs is there "rock solid" back wall / stop. But I don't want to make a decision based on just this. Any reviews / comparisons / comments / pros and cons would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks for the help! Chad
  11. I'm thinking I'm going to start heading that way for tournaments! Clean up crew
  12. If you could only bring 5 baits out on to the water which 5 would they be and what color?
  13. I know with fishing of any kind it's nice to be able to set up a different rod for each type of presentation but if you could only go out with 1 musky rod what would it be for all types or an all around presentation? Length action weight etc? Thanks!
  14. How many pound test do you need to rip a tree like that from the bottom. Guess you never have to worry about breaking off on a fish eh?
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