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  1. I ran 35ft with good signal using cheap cables from the big A online store - super cheap and work fine. If youre hiding in wall that you'll never be able to access again -i.e. sheetroocking in it, you may want to think about running another as back-up ...the cables are cheap and its good insurance
  2. Yep, they reached an agreement this morning. My kids will be happy!
  3. this is complete carp! I just re-upped for another 2 yrs this Winter and now this? We should be allowed to cancel service if there is major change....my kids LIVE for the Nick channels. I feel like I'm stuck because I re-signed up this Winter! has anyone under contract called Direct TV yet?
  4. one thing I will say after using IPhone for years and just buying a Galaxy/Android tablet. I'm disapointed at lack of 'tablet friendly' apps on Android market. What is the point of having a big screen if the apps are desinged for small screen with little fonts/etc?? Apple has much better selection for tablet apps.
  5. I bought the latest Galaxy Tab 2 7" for $249 when they came out a couple of mos ago. Nice tablet but would probably go for 10" screen if doing it again. I looked at Kindle, but for the extra $50- Galaxy was MUCH better tablet
  6. I agree - the show initially had me hooked but I guess you can only see so many alligators dragged in before it gets repetitive. Go to shoot gator and the gun is unloaded. Older guy then scolds the younger guy for not having it loaded. "he's got to step up and prove himself" blah. He's 35 yrs old, been hunting w/ you for 20+ years and he's got to 'prove himself'? 3 weeks later - repeat again.
  7. I put 20 miles on my 2 new sleds this year, and that was lake riding. I guess I'll have nice clean sleds and new gear for next year though
  8. any thoughts about whether MN will open the trails up earlier this year? I honestly dont know if they've ever done this in the past, but believe that WI extended their ATV season last year.
  9. Cameras shouldve followed THOSE guys around - love to see them try to haul 800lb gator into that boat.
  10. I got a feeling they act like that in real life also - too cool for school. I had to laugh when they got in the other guys faces about poaching/you better get out of here/ this is OUR land. Those guys had legal tags and had every right to be there as much as them. The other guys didnt back down at all - good for them!
  11. Lots of info here. Now youve got me thinking about salt fishing!
  12. wish it were me! looks like a great time
  13. LOL I like Swamp People the most for the people. Troy Landry seems like a good all-around guy: cares about family, friends, works hard, etc and doesnt seem to have a bad word to say about anybody. The 2 brothers crack me up. I know theyre only featured every once in awhile but LOL. Willie that grabs snakes at night just seems like he 'growd up in day swamp & gone die in day swamp' good ole boy.
  14. congrats! check Vermillion or Grand Marais areas if youre dying to try it. I think they may have rideable snow. I cant go now but in 2 weeks I'M GOING SOMEWHERE. Cant stand this
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