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  1. BK19, Consider it gone. I have a couple nephews that are just starting out and will love that. I live in St. Peter so get ahold of me and we can arrange to meet up. Call me @ 931-8655. Thanks, Steve
  2. Ok - searched and couldn't find any previous posts on this. Xmas is around the corner so does anybody have a good eggnog recipe to share. I recently had a Grrreat alcoholic version, but the 'nice' lady wouldn't share the recipe to her Christmas cheer. Now I don't need alcohol to have a good time... but it helps! Alcoholic or non-alcoholic doesn't really matter, so regardless dig out those old family recipes and share your holiday cheer ! Thanks!!
  3. These sound awesome guys!! Thanks for the ideas I can't wait to get home and start cookin'!! keep 'em coming!
  4. I'm looking for some fish recipes that don't include the hassle of deepfrying. If you do some tasty things on the grill in the oven or even stovetop that don't include deepfrying your fish let me know. Thanks in advance for your ideas!! p.s. If it makes a difference, I'm usually eating Crappie/Sunfish, Walleye/Sauger, Perch...
  5. Maybe I'm out of the loop, but where is D-Rock? I've seen people refer to it on the forum before, but never knew where to find it. A little help please - THANKS!!
  6. salger2k

    Winch achor

    Boilerguy, What happens if I put the nut to the right of center - will this make a big difference - alter the results??? hehehe Just kidding - this is a super idea, which I plan on trying. Thanks, Boilerguy!!
  7. Is this auger still for sale? Is there any leeway in the price? Not familiar with this brand - I've have heard of it but have a Strikemaster myself so have never used an eskimo. Dad had open heart surgery and my brother and I would like to get him on the ice a little more to keep up his spirits - What better way to do that than get him an auger of his own and get him out there?!?!
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