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  1. How come I haven't seen any adds or the $2 off coupon for the St. Paul show?Its still on right?
  2. Wow sorry for the bad experience but we have had good luck with them.
  3. I work in Hugo and our co. uses Rolltex. Its right off 97, east of 61, in Forest lake in a little strip mall.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I am going to bring the portable fishouse also and may fish more than ride depending on the conditions. How about lake travel? can I drive the Tahoe on say, Rosevelt or Lawrence? I will post what i find when I get back. Thanks
  5. Thinking about going to a buddies cabin in outing. How are the trails in the Brainerd area? Any direction better than the other from outing? Thanks in advance.
  6. Can't wait to watch this show! Great idea but please tell me it's going to air before the opener not opening weekend so those of us out of town can see it.
  7. That's my question, are they going to be at the show?
  8. I've shot grouse in snow,rain, and 70 degrees and sunny. I think they are more likely to be out in the sun in the morning and late in the day on the gravel by clover. But I plan a weekend to hunt and you can't controll the weather so I hunt no matter what. I'ts always nice to get out no matter what. Good luck.
  9. Where are some places that sell them? I think thats a great idea.
  10. Tried this last night,turned out awsome! I'm not a huge burrito fan but wanted to try something new and easy. I added the spanish rice the last hour and the family loved it. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I put my rope style lights in alluminum c channel.Then zip tie to the top poles. Works great and keeps them all pointed down. Then used the shrink connectors and some electric tape at the begining of the wires to protect them. I bought lights from the Hong kong site last year. Super bright but really small wires.
  12. So does this make any sence? It works when I push the lock button then right after the start button.
  13. Go figure,I'm walking away pushing the unlock button accidentaly and then I push the remote start button instead of the lock button and it starts up! It works when it wants to, I tried again later by pushing the unlock button then the start button a couple times then it started so I don't know.
  14. I bought them also 3 years ago and a few have gone out but for the money they are fine.I put mine in alluminum c channel to keep them straight and all pointed down. The wiring isn't the best you just have to be a little carefull with em.
  15. Thanks for the replies.I'm gonna try calling Valet I just saw the # on my remote. Any one know if it's a common thing for these starters to go out? I'm thinking they should last more than 3 years.
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