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  1. How do I get the upgrade? How much is it? I have the LX3 it is 2 yrs old.
  2. My manual says that the general rule of thumb is the coverage is (distance across the signal beeam) 3.5 feet per 10 foot of depth. In 10ft of water the coverage is 3.5, 20ft is 7ft across, 30 ft is 10.5, etc.....
  3. sorry they are out of sequence. bassically I made two frames for the two sections of my storage box. Using a Dremel saw attachment I cut out the top to have two lids. Also with the same tool I cut out the peices used to box off the two sections. Stapled it together. Added hinges for the lids. Used outdoor carpet to cover it, added knobs, and two sided velcoro to keep the lids closed. Then using peices of pipe for sprinkler systems I made rod holders. I put a bolt through the center so the pivot up to pull the rods out. The cork handles fit in perfectly to keep them secure. My heater will set on top of the storage box when I'm on the ice. I might try to add led lights in the future. P.S. I used really thin outdoor wood for light weight construction, see the pic with the pencil. I think the box adds no more weight than the milk crate I was using before.
  4. I've been watching the site for a couple for a while wondering the same thing can't wait for ice.
  5. Seeing as Thanksgiving is just a couble weeks away is Dillon frozen already?
  6. Dillon's fun because the fish are easier to catch there. Lots of little rainbows to put back and grow up, and a few pansize Kokes to round out the day as a bonus. Plus its an easy drive if you leave to come back to denver before the afternoon rush of skiers.
  7. snow then ice thats nice. Can't wait. Sure my first stop will be Dillon as it seems to freeze first. But hoping to get to Lake John for early ice as well. How bout your plans eh?
  8. Hey Ice, Thanks for the invite, too tired after my Disney adventure. Maybe next weekend. Going up on the 15th as well.
  9. Went to Dillon yesterday. Caught lots of small rainbows. Couple 12 to 14 inches. Mainly catching them with a vey small blue rat finky with a glow head. Towards the end of the day I figured out to drop it to the botttom reel up slowly three feet, drop it down again, reel up three feet. Usualy the second time they would nail it. I-70 was treacherous on the way back.
  10. Called the Aurora info line and the recording says very poor ice. So I decided I'm going to go to Dillon for the day. Nice easy drive.
  11. Going to try it Sat and maybe Sun as well. If anyone else is going maybe we could fish together.
  12. Well Grappler H&F News says to try the gravel pits at night for walleye. Want to go out to try it but would like more than 3 inches of ice to set on. Not to sure how the water level is at but there is are pits all around the the Heron rookery. Used to have GPS coordinates but accidently wiped them out of the Garmin. P.S I would like to re apologize for my previous over reaction to your post.
  13. Mike Kennedy's report said that as of the 5th it had just frozen over.
  14. I bought a Coleman Sportcat from Walmart in Aurora. It works great. Uses the little propane bottles. Have had it up to Williams Fork and had no problems.
  15. Hey Rcky call me I would be interested in that trip as well.
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