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  1. superpastorchris

    Crappies biting after dark on surface?

    Hey dude. Nice posts. Hey, if you need some top water pan fish poppers I have a few I could spare. I tired them at a lake I fish and didn't do good. I had good luck on a ratso with a night crawler beleive it or not. Hey call me at the church if you'd like and I can hook you up. Otherwise, the place in St. Francis does have them. Nice seeign you at the grad party. Take care and catch some more.
  2. I have heard it said that 6 pd test green line is the best for walleyes. I have also heard that a great way to sifh them is by using some sort of rig and almsot vertically fish them while trolling. I use a cabin on a lake by Detroit Lakes and really want to catch soem walleyes. I am wondering if my advice is good, and what do I use for jigs?
  3. superpastorchris

    Prayers Please

    May God protect every man and woman in duty. Lord be with teh families and give them your comfort. May God's blessings and grace be abundant!
  4. superpastorchris


    This Saturday (Feb 26th), from 9-4 there is what's called a "fish-a-thon" at Crystal E-Free church. I am not part of the church. There will be a live trout pond, virtual fishing machines, free fishing products, fishing vendors, games,food, camp displays & live broadcasts on KTIS Radio. Activities for all levels - from novice to the more experienced. Admission and parking is free. 612-987-5466.
  5. superpastorchris

    when to fish

    Thanks for the help. I do have an FL-8 to find the fish. I am still curious as to what tiem fo day to fish it. Any advice? Thanks again.
  6. superpastorchris

    when to fish

    I am going ice fishing on a lake that is very small, and the water is very dark. I have fished it in the summer and used a blue glow jig with night crawler. Its deepest spot is 27 Ft with one inside bend of 8 ft, the lake is only 20 some odd acres, and it is mainly a bowl. I am wondering what depth to fish and what time to fish. Any advice would be great. If you know which lake I am talking about (it is in the northern metro area).Thanks.
  7. superpastorchris

    hosting an ice fishing tourney

    I am a assitant pastor and want to host a ice fishing tourney for our youth group. Charge around $15.00 and use half of the proceeds for their accounts. Use the other half and put it back into the prizes. Also find some donaters, and sponsers. I am looking to do it in Feb, in the north metro area. Any advice or input on any detail of this? Thanks.
  8. superpastorchris

    ice fishing tournament

    two questions: One, have any of you put on a tournament before? Two, if I put on a tournament near the cities how many would come?
  9. superpastorchris

    Big Crappies

    Do any of you know any good lakes to ice fish for big crappies. I have been to Red and its allright, slowing down quite a bit from a few years ago. Looking for some advice adn a good spot on a good lake. Not looking to catch kill and fry, just looking to keep a few for a meal and toss back the rest. Love your help anglers. Thanks.
  10. superpastorchris

    shields or "ice cracking"

    sounds good. Thanks for teh advice. Waxies...what color jig for teh sunnies? What size are they?
  11. superpastorchris

    shields or "ice cracking"

    Have any of you fished ice cracking lake or shields lake in SW mn? If so, any tips?