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  1. So would you recommend the Titan's or ITP 589's??? I have been trying to research them both and see some differences, but I cannot make a decision! I think I noticed that the Titans were only 3ply?? Is that right?? ~umdr6
  2. Does anyone know if the Titan M/S 589 are the same as ITP M/S 589? They look identical, but I cannot figure out if they are the saem. Also, would anyone recommend these, or not recommend these. Maily for snow riding (Ice Fishing) but also trails??? Any help!!! Thanks, ~umdr6
  3. umdr6

    1.2 hp Augers

    Bearfish, So you recomend the Z51 for permanents, but how about fresh holes when fishing a portable? Would you still recomend the Qblades? or would you recomend Turbo for new holes??? THanks for the advice! ~umdr6
  4. umdr6

    1.2 hp Augers

    Bearfish, Did you consider getting the one with Quantum blades? OR was Turbo the only options. I am looking at getting the Shark Z51 with the Quantum blades. I like the idea of redrilling holes in a permanent. Have you ever noticed a problem with the Turbo blades? Also, is it worth looking at the smaller 43cc Shark? I saw the Z51 at Fleet Farm for $329 and Cabela's for over $400. What's the deal with that? I like the plastic handle design on the Shark. Makes for lighter transportation. ANy advice would help concerning the blaeds and size motors! Thanks, ~umdr6
  5. Has anyone ever put a portable ice shelter onto a Yamaha Kodiak? Or anything other than Arcctic Cat with the MRP Rapid Shack System? I really like that set-up a lot and would like to do something very similar to my Yamaha. Can it be done without welding? What is a good company to look at for this type of option. What kind of price am I looking at? Has anyone ever made one from scratch? I just want to be more portable this winter on the hardwater. Any advice would be great! Thanks, ~umdr6
  6. I agree 100%. I also have a 4 year old (2001) Kodiak 400. The thing is a beast in the mud and trails. Knock on wood, but it just doesn't break down!!!!! Buddies Polaris Sportsman 500 HO has been in the shop 7 times in 9 months...Doesn't seem worth it does it? I love the Kodiak! ~umdr6
  7. umdr6

    Polaris ATV Recall

    Dave, This is true. I found that out when I went in there yesterday. The first thing the mechanic said was "We already replaced the ECM!" He found many many mor eproblems with that Sportsman though. I am glad I ride a Yamaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. umdr6

    Polaris ATV Recall

    My buddy has the 2004.5 Sportsman 500. As soon as I read this, I had to call him. He has owned his ATV for 8 months. Has been in the shop 6-7 times for it overheating. The ATV would overheat after 2-3 miles of riding. No one could figure out the problem. The dealership tried to blame it on him, saying he has been riding it too hard. -------They are fourwheelers, you should not have to baby them like your Porsche or Lexus. They are meant to handle rough trails. His wheeler has overheated on everytrip that we have taken, and because of it, we have not successfuly completed an ATV trip. I am going to pring this thread and bring it to him and the mechanic that has been working on it. I am glad that it is Polaris's problem, not his. Thank you for whoever started this thread! ~umdr6
  9. Ok. I know it has been talked about, but is it worth it to go with the bigger lug size (XL) rather than sticking with the normal lug size (AT)? Is there a huge difference? I am looking for a whole set of four to put on my existing rims for a 2001 Yamaha Kodiak. Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks ~umdr6
  10. Extremely interesting thread. I want to know how I can get more involved in this. I have been using ATV's for about 4-5 years now and love it. Me and a few friends have been riding in WI for the past couple years and yes, have found that they do indeed have a good trail system over their. I went to the Gandy Dancer this morning and found that it was a complete waste of time to drive the distance from "Yeah yeah, I know the Twin Cities." Every time i looked to the right or left while on the Gandy Dancer, I saw those bright orange or yello wsings saying "CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED." What a sad sight. I know I am somewhat new to this thread, but I would like to get involved as much as I can. It truly is a great outdoor activity for many to enjoy! ~umdr6
  11. Yeha, I was in Duluth this weekend, and Fish Lake had Full size Pick-ups driving out to the middle. At least one pulling a permanent shack, and another car following it. There was a good 12-13 inches of ice. ~umdr6
  12. I would go ahead and say that you cannot "Aid in catching fish" is correct. I would also say that it is the same for hunting. (Aiding) I think that you can still use them when hunting or fishing, just not to aid in catching or shooting. Agree??? ~umdr6
  13. Are you kidding? No walkie-talkies when ice fishing??? Where did you see this? Is it that you can't use them at all? Or just not to tell people that the fish are biting in certain areas?
  14. My plan is to come up to Duluth Friday night and stay with a buddy...He has a final Saturday morning, but 'm sure he'll be dying to get out late morning or early afternoon. You guys paying for access at Highbanks???? Let me know your thoughts...I'd like to get out there and meet some of you guys... Last year around this time, we walked out at Highbanks i think, and only caught a few tiny tiny walleyes...Hope its better this year. ~umdr6
  15. 7 1/2" Not in Northern MN????? Where the heck were you? Haha
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