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  1. thanks you guys I will check out the mn dnr HSOforum on some of these lakes. Appreciate the quick replies. thanks.
  2. I live in the Saint Cloud area. Would like somewhere closer than LOW or URL.
  3. I am going to have about 7 days off of work in February and no wife or kid either. I want to plan a good two or three day fishing trip but don't know where to go yet. Any ideas??? thanks.
  4. Where is straight river and where can I get on it? I live in Saint Cloud area.
  5. Benson


    Wow! I didn't expect this many responses thanks for helping this rookie out. I fully understand now thanks everyone.
  6. Benson


    Rookie here trying to figure out what the difference is between a tippet and a leader? I have a leader on my flyrod now and I see that the thickness gradually decreases. Is a tippet the same or is it a solid thickness? I've got a lot to learn in the fundamentals of flyfishing so any advice for a rookie would be well appreciated thanks.
  7. Benson

    Trout streams.

    Thanks I appreciate the welcome and the advice.
  8. Benson

    Flyfishing beginner!

    Yeah that is what I was affraid of. Looks like I have to either drive two hours north or two hours south to go river fishing huh. Can a person catch trout in lakes with flies? Do they go near the shallows at all? There is a lake five minutes from me with browns and rainbows (Big Watab Lake) but I think they hang deep.
  9. Benson

    straight river

    You guys sound pretty experienced in the flyfishing department those were some good tips. I just started flyfishing for sunnies on lakes to get the hang of my flyrod, but I would love to go trout fishing sometime. Problem is I live in Saint Cloud and don't have a clue where to go. Any maps or directions to fish would be well appreciated for this beginner angler. I want to take my brother in law out sometime.
  10. Benson

    Trout streams.

    I live up in Saint Cloud and have just started flyfishing. Does anyone know of any places to go up here, or are all the trout rivers down in southern Minnesota?
  11. I have just purchased my first fly rod, and I live up in Saint Cloud. Does anyone know if there is any good trout streams up here or in the nearby counties?
  12. Benson


    The scout is a nice added feature to your ice fishing experiences especially in clear water. A good rule for the camera is that if you can see six feet down it can see twelve. I just recently bought a scout with my b-day money on 1/16/05. I used it the next day and loved it, it is a little tricky setting it in the right position though without a ice-pod, but I managed. I heard a lot of bad reviews on cameras but I loved it have fun.
  13. Also, for all stearns county people there will be an expo at the Saint Cloud Gander Mountain on 12/11/2004 as well. Jamie
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