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  1. http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1761422/1 It just so happens there was a pic of one already up on the site...
  2. Thanks for the info, much appreciated! And good job on the fish, they all look great! love your work!
  3. I pulled the plug on Tjack last year when he went 1 for 10 in their playoff game....If this is what we have to look forward too I hope local TV picks up the packers feeds...
  4. 100 pounder...best deal around...save half the cash vs. filling 20's
  5. That replica looks really good...any co$t info avail. to say make a replica of a 28" from a pic?
  6. Thats awesome...gotta like a company who cares about their customers like this!!!
  7. So, chilli wanted to bench farve....can we bench childress??? No way he coaches out his contract.....
  8. To make the set-up a little easier for the QF 6 I bring along a few bungie cords. I just park the truck or wheeler withing strap distance from the shack and lay a few chunks of heavy snow or items from the truckbox on the other side(s). I drill my holes before hand so I don't have to choke on the auger exaust...setup outside of drilling is about 5 mins. Haven't had any problems yet(maybe 20 set-ups this way), but I am always worried a gust of wind will hit the side(possibly collape a pole) so I usually put the heater towards the middle of the shack. Also, make sure not to lay any flooring down on the wet ice if you plan on keeping it...used to use cardboard until I did just that one day. Now I bring a small role of gym-type rubber matting w/ me and throw some snow down first. As far as heating issues...I've fished in some pretty cold conditions (probably -30 w/ windchill) and have never been really cold. Inside walls of the shack can get wet though so I usually leave the house set up in my garage for a few days when I get back.
  9. Theres lots of generators out there and I'm sure lots of them are great. However, when I go to LOW in the middle of the winter I really only see 2 brands....the red Hondas (which cost more, but are extremely reliable...#1 factor in my opinion) and the black/grey/red Coleman Sport (which was my choice this year...replaced an "el cheapo" 1000 watt 4-stroke from sportsmans guide that only lasted 2 seasons). I'm sure any generator you buy will be good, but take it from the guys on the lake...save up, spend the extra few bucks and get a good one...it'll save you money in the long run!
  10. I own a quickfish 6 and it's great. Takes seconds to set-up and has tons of room. I've owned it for 2 or so years now and have never had any problems. However, one drawback is that it has no floor. To get around this I've started bringing a piece of rubber foam to lay down on the ice for my feet....seems to keep the toes warmer on those chilly days. I'm sure both houses are great to fish out of, but personally have only used the Eskimo.
  11. I had the same problem, to solve it I filled in both boxes on the lost password screen. This may/may not have been the reason I received the password change email from FM, but I'd definetly try filling in an email address for them to send it to, as well as the user name.
  12. I turn mine off when I'm gone, even if it were for a day.
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