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  1. Your state's farm credit agency. They cannot be beat because they operate under coop rules with federal protections.
  2. I don't think there is any management. Land is bought, trees and shrubs dozed onto a pile, folksy wooden sign put up. End of management. It's funny. In South Dakota, Pheasants Forever champions the planting of shelter belts for wildlife. In Minnesota, soon as the state gets their hands on new land, first thing they do is rip out all the woody cover and mast trees. Pheasants Forever meanwhile, is silent on the gap in the habitat system. Saw this with my own two eyes down by Marshall on some national wildlife refuge lands. They had the USFWS excavator there whil
  3. I think you're spot on. There is a giant disconnect between where people live, and where public lands are located. There aren't enough lands within day-trip distance for most to use. Lands too far from major cities are inaccessible to those with modest incomes. Many cannot afford big gas bills or lodging to be able to take advantage of lands far out in greater MN. Should there be a reallocation of the land portfolio to accommodate access for people where they live? Would the pubic support trading northern MN acres for more acres in southern MN around Rochester, St. Cloud, an
  4. So here's a question to ponder. If public interests are changing away from hunting, should dollars that are/were once used to buy new public hunting lands be used for other forms of entertainment for the people? Should those dollars go towards parks, trails, and sports and entertainment complexes? If the public doesn't want to go outside anymore, one could argue those who want to stay in town should demand their cut of the free entertainment dollars.
  5. I got my first bear this year. Part of my taxidermy plan is getting the skull Euro'd. Don't know how it's gonna look yet, but it's gonna cost $150.
  6. There's nothing amusing, or even confusing as to why it happens. It would be more confusing if outdoorsmen didn't overharvest. Look no further than Harden's Tragedy of the Commons. There's a near perfect correlation with the amount of free public resources and the inferior quality of those resources. This is why reservations are largely wilderness ghettos. It's why Red Lake collapsed. The student loan bubble. This is also why urban ghettos are looted every time there is a riot. Subsidized housing, drinking water, livestock farming etc. When p
  7. All deer in SE MN need to be wiped out. 90% herd reduction isn't going to stop the disease. It is wreckless and stupid to do any less. The whole state herd is going to go in the toilet if the SE guys don't get on the triggers and get their situation under control. This talk of us vs the deer farms is a stupid smokescreen designed to try to take the focus off private land owners that don't want to cooperate with the mitigation plan. Anything less will set the stage for CWD to roll hard to the north and get into the big woods where there will be zero chance of ever finding ev
  8. I would spend a great deal of time getting caught up on MN deer politics before you buy land here. The DNR is quickly working their CWD plan across an ever growing swat of land. You don't want to buy land some place you think has great deer hunting, and then suddenly end up in an eradication zone like SE MN. You could see your land dollars go up in smoke with a single press release from the Destroyers of Natural Resources.
  9. I just use 1lb tanks. I haven't been back home to try any of these tips yet.
  10. I used this thing 4 times last season (brand new then), and now it won't light. I've got spark, changed the LP tank, and nothing. Anyone take one of these things apart to make it work again?
  11. I don't understand facebook anymore. I joined when it just got going back in about 2003. Used it for years, and then the content kept deteriorating. People I wanted to interact with quit posting. People I didn't posted too much. Then politics got hot, or "look how great my life is" or "look how miserable I am" or "look at my baby" etc. I finally threw up my hands and shut it down about six years ago. I still cannot understand what value remains.
  12. I used to watch lake forums very closely to hear the current chatter. I never fish any of those lakes anymore, but I'm still curious. Not to knock on any specific site, but it seems there is no longer any lake-specific chatter on the web. Five to ten years ago, those forums were on fire with tips, pictures, etc. Have they burned themselves out due to acceleration of info and subsequent mobbing, or what's the deal? A few weeks ago, even the DNR made comment that the speed of information has had an impact on fisheries. Curious what others think.
  13. Nearly every time I have fished Red Lake I have been checked. Those 4 stroke sleds are silent, and the Red Lake COs move quickly. Every time I have been checked there, those guys were on a mission. There was no idle chit chat. It was all business. Now when i've been checked in SD, totally different encounter. They were riding around on a loud tracked vehicle and very laid back and just making their rounds.
  14. If you've never been checked by a game warden, I'd advise you not lock your house, at least during normal fishing hours. The art of the CO visit is a quick and quiet pounce on you. If they come up to your house and the door is locked, your visit just started off very badly. You better hope you have your Ps & Qs in order because you just raised his red flags to dig further. I also wouldn't argue the constitution with them either. It's a police state on the ice. Might as well just let them in and get their check done.
  15. I've had the most basic marcum (LX-1 or VX-1) for over ten years. Just a good piece of equipment. They probably don't even make that one anymore, but have never been disppointed in Marcum's simple versions.
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