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  1. The boat should come in priced between 26 and 29,000. You can get it with a 60 or 75 horsepower motor.
  2. Some of you have heard, some may not. Ranger has just introduced a new tiller. It will be the 175 T. This was announced at the NPAA conference this past weekend. Many of you have been looking for a smaller Ranger tiller. It's 17 1/2 feet long, has an 86inch beam and rated for a 75. If you want more information, please send me a message. The boat is supposed to be displayed for the first time at the Northwest Sports Show in March. Corey Heiser
  3. Just wanted everyone to know that the MWC is coming to Red Wing in June. Fishing Pools 3 and 4 plus the St.Croix. The MWC has made some exciting changes this week and 2011 should be a great time. Two events in Minnesota plus events in Wis, ND and SD. http://www.masterswalleyecircuit.com/
  4. Call Mark at Custom Graphics in Fargo. Unless I've gone nuts, they are about 2k.
  5. In my opinion, Lakemaster makes the best paper map. Also, the ND Game and fish have a free color one on their HSOforum. It is a very good map with contours.
  6. In my opinion, the shorty rods are the bomb. Short rod with all the action of the bigger rods. I'm doing a seminar at Sportsmans Wharehouse on Sunday in Fargo, 2pm. It'll be on leadcore, and I'll have one of the prototype shorty rods there. It was made by Roger Wilson, for Jim Carroll and Johnnie Candle. The Scheels rods were made from this one.
  7. Just curious to what you guys thought of the show? I enjoyed meeting lots of new people and talking fishing. I had to buy some of the Salmo's that Reeds had too. Don't tell the wife!!!
  8. I'll be there working the booth for Ray's Marine out of Moorhead. Should be a great show.
  9. Jiggin Fool, Great choice on staying at the West Bay Resort. Jim and Diane are wonderful, I was just there last week. Make sure and tell them I said hi. As far as the fishing, here are some general tips to head you in the right direction. If you get some wind and warm, start pitching the wind blown shorelines or bays with warmer water. If it's flat calm or TOO windy, fish bobbers in the timber. I personally like to fish between 5-11ft. Look for holes, humps, or anything else that "looks" fishy.
  10. Tim, You can get a pretty good map of Devils Lake off of the ND Game and Fish HSOforum. It is in color and shows the entire lake. Best of all, it's free and you can print multiple copies. If you'd rather buy one, I'd recommend stopping at Eds Bait Shop and buying the paper Lakemaster Map. The lake is on it's way down. Last year it had dropped about 1ft and from what I'm being told this spring, it's down another foot. Have fun on your trip. This time of year, you might need to ice your arm at the end of each day from casting and catching.
  11. I'm a little suprised about your thoughts of no current. Some of the guys I talk with that have been around the Res for years, tell me the ice is never consistent because of the slight current. Either way, I agree that no ice is safe. I REALLY NEED TO GET A SLED OR WHEELER!!!!
  12. I know Jamestown has some current, so the ice is never completely safe, but generally how much is out there? If I do go, I'll give a complete report when I return.
  13. Anyone been out to the Jamestown Res? Looking to take a buddy out fishing. Thanks in advance.
  14. Deitz, Thanks for the help, but I'm actually looking for the link that started the whole modification talk. It's fairly old.
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