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  1. What type of plastic do you use under the jigging spoon? I have often thought of trying this, but not sure what would beat a minnow head! Would appreciate any ideas.
  2. It will be the same as every year...........spud bar! I always forget to put the rope loop on my wrist!
  3. If your oil level is overfull and no obvious signs of external leaks, then it sounds like the upper plenum is leaking ans sucking coolant internal of the engine. You would need to replace the plenum. Also I would check under the throttle body or by the drive belt and check for puddles or coolant stains. It could be the lower intake gasket!
  4. Canvas Craft would be more than happy to sell you just the material! I have been buying mine there for several years! Just give them a call, you will be suprised how accomadating they are!
  5. Does anybody know the correct fuel mixture for this motor? Motor has not been run in several years, any special precautions I should be aware of before trying to start?
  6. The contamination comes from the re-filled 20lbs tank. Thats the reason for the filter. When using 1 lbs cylinders make sure that they are warmer.
  7. I can shoot you a copy of my manual! Wow! Where on earth did you get that?
  8. Thanks for all your guys input! Sounds to me like the only way to know for sure is to make time to get out on the ice. Oh well, didn't care for my job that much anyway!
  9. Often times in reading through these forums I see many people writing about the value of "lake maps". I myself have a hard time looking at a map of a new lake and feeling confident enough to put in the effort to try it! I have heard most the "terms" used when discussing breaklines etc...but am having a hard time putting them to something on a map. My questions is what if FM would have a forum to discuss lake maps: reading and understanding the elements to look for. I myself could use help in this area as I am sure many people could. Im not looking for spots on any certain lake, I'm looking for the confidence to put a plan into action! Im far from lazy, just short on free time. I have fished the same lake for several years because of the comfort factor! I would appreciate any feedback or support!
  10. No Matter of age? All persons must wear a helmet?
  11. I use a "craft bag" that is designed to hold beads and such! Got it at FF. Has 5 trays that have at least 16 different compartments per tray that open individually and lock. They are stored in a padded nylon case with shoulder removable shoulder strap or carry handle that has several pockets to store bobber,tools etc..... I label the tray as to what is in it and can grab the right tray at a glance!
  12. I use Navionics simply because as stated above it has more lakes on 1 chip! I live in the cutoff area as far as north & south goes for the cutoff of the Lakemaster chip. I would have to buy 2 to get the amount of coverage I want.
  13. 1. Kastmasters 2. Buckshot spoon 3. Cleos 4. Demon All the above mentioned with a "minnow head"
  14. I had the same problem when I bought my 1st one. I turned the dial to light the pilot so many times, may hand and wrist cramped up. I think the big thing is to get all the air out before the pilot lights and stays lit. Keep trying and it should light. When I hook my 20 lbs tank to it for the 1st time each season - I also run into this (takes several times) after that - piece of cake. Just takes awhile to get the air out of the lines.
  15. Quote: I just found out how great a camera can be. was at a lake i have been fishing all seson and decided to venture (25 ft) from my spot..guess what no fish so the last trip out i brought my cam to see what was going on, and i was away from the structure that i LUCKILY found early season. now i know to look for it when im there, without it i can find it. Right On! But had you had and h20c, you could have marked your spot when you were catching fish and gone right back to it. Time and Time again. Without hauling a camera!
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